fabricación de agitadores industriales

InoxMIM has always been strongly linked to the development and manufacture of industrial agitators in Girona, thanks to our pumping, agitation, mixing and fluid conduction systems many companies have managed to streamline their manufacturing methods, making them more efficient and safer.

We are experts in the manufacture of industrial agitators in Girona with extensive experience in the development of new systems, equipment and technologies, a factor that is the best guarantee if you have to make an investment in this type of industrial machinery.

We have a specialized department in charge of all issues related to the R+D of new agitation and mixing systems and technologies, which serve to improve the processes and industrial production lines of the different sectors with which we usually work.

Our goal is, therefore, to help to contribute to the streamlining of manufacturing processes, and for this our team of technicians has been working for decades to improve more and more, thus endorsing our products with their wide and vast experience.

The progressive success of InoxMIM is due to the perseverance and the wide variety of products we offer, which are not limited to a single sector, but we have a presence in the vast majority of industrial applications: food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic. Adapting to the production of any plant since we manufacture totally customized machinery.

Reasons to choose InoxMIM industrial agitators

Our machinery is synonymous with design and innovation

fabricación de agitadores industriales

Our industrial engineers have a real passion for their work, something that is reflected in the design and manufacture of our machines.

We are backed by more than twenty years of hard work in which we have achieved that innovation is not at odds with design because we know that, although efficiency is important, so is simplicity and comfort.

Thanks to our pilot plant, we can study the viability of the machinery we offer, avoiding errors or failures when using any of our products.

In addition, in InoxMIM we analyse a priori data such as the production capacity that you will obtain or specific needs of the processes involved in the production line, in this way we achieve a total adaptation to your needs. We are excellent manufacturers of industrial exhausters and centrifugal pumps.

As we are completely committed to our customers, we offer a completely personalized attention so that our products adapt to your company and maximum budget.

Not all companies require large machines, that is why we get involved to the maximum to offer technical advice in all types of projects, whether large, medium or small size.

In InoxMIM we have a pilot plant where we test our machinery, and where we can also check and control manufacturing costs, thus being able to adapt much better to both your needs and your budget.

In this way, we offer you a competitive final price adapted to the maximum to the particularities of your product or industrial plant.

We offer you one hundred percent personalized attention

fabricación de agitadores industriales
fabricación de agitadores industriales

With our machinery, mechanical consumption and performance are under control

Our technical department makes sure to develop the best design to ensure a good mixing process, considering important factors such as consumption and mechanical performance.

With InoxMIM agitation and mixing equipment we offer the best sealing solutions with an impenetrable seal to prevent the leakage of products, gases, etc.

Thanks to our experience, we can afford to manufacture equipment capable of working at overpressure, vacuum, explosive atmospheres, etc.

We keep up to date to offer the best and most innovative

Like all sectors, the manufacturing of industrial machinery is also experiencing changes and trends, and for InoxMIM it is essential to know about both to be up-to-date and thus offer them what best suits their demands.

Due to environmental awareness and environmentalism, the demand for machinery that takes care of both factors has been on the rise. This is where our specialized products can help you because at InoxMIM we can manufacture machinery that adapts to consumer demands and help you streamline the processes that this entails, without having to increase the cost of your final product.

InoxMIM pumping equipment is versatile

We can say that our pumping equipment manages to meet the requirements and needs of most industry applications, ranging from centrifugal pumps to positive displacement pumps.

At InoxMIM we can manufacture special pumping equipment according to customer needs, as well as lifting systems, integrated joint pumping and mixing solutions, filtration equipment, etc. We try to adapt to your needs as much as possible.

In short, InoxMIM has become a renowned and reliable company in the manufacture of industrial agitators in Girona. That’s not only thanks to our growth, constant development and tireless will to improve, but it’s also thanks to customers who continue to rely on us to equip them with the best for their manufacturing processes.