Manufacturer of industrial agitators for an extensive range of applications

Thanks to our vast knowledge and experience in the production of industrial agitators and mixers, at INOXMIM, we can guarantee professional systems, equipment and technology to customers who are planning to invest in this type of industrial machinery.   

At INOXMIM, a department called AGITMIM specialises exclusively in R&D to develop and innovate systems and technology used in industral agitators and mixers. They work around the clock to improve processes and industrial production lines for the range of sectors we work with and for.

Our engineers in the AGITMIM department use cutting-edge technology, which work with parametric programmes and fluid generators to ensure the best solution at all times for each and every client. Although vertical agitators is their speciality, clients can choose from a wide range of equipment such as lateral industrial agitators, blenders and emulsifiers.

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INOXMIM is an experienced industrial machinery manufacturer, and as the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. At INOXMM, we have applied everything we have learnt over the years to design equipment to meet any foreseeable requirements and needs.  For instance, all of our agitators and mixers are completely airtight. We guarantee optimal sealing to prevent leakage of any kind, be it a client’s product, gas or any other potential by-product. Moreover, experience has provided us with the expertise to work in overpressure, vacuum and explosive environments. 

Not only, do we guarantee optimal essential features in our equipment, we also have a team who can design and develop equipment to meet clients’ specific needs be it; customised industrial agitators, elevation systems, integrated solutions for pumps and mixers, and CIP (Clean in Place) cleaning equipment, amongst others. 

Since day one, the AGITMIM department has dedicated its times and energy to developing and innovating vertical agitators. Today, it is a leader in its sector and thanks to the department’s work, INOXMIM can supply industrial agitators in a wide range of sizes, models, designs and configurations to suit and meet clients’ needs.  Whatever the application, INOXMIM and its team are on hand to produce customised and professional machinery.  

Since its beginnings, our agitation department, called AGITMIM, has been a benchmark in the field of vertical agitation. Thanks to this, as manufacturers of industrial agitators, we have a wide variety of sizes, models, and configurations available. Together with the optimized and customized designs that we usually offer our customers, we create each agitator capable of adapting to a wide variety of applications.

Within the field of agitation, lateral agitators are an indispensable element in the homogenization and maintenance of products for a wide range of applications. Our agitation and mixing department has designed several models with the aim of satisfying the degree of agitation required in each industrial process.

The wide variety of emulsifiers, mixers and micronisers that we have developed as manufacturers of industrial agitators, allow us to obtain an exceptional degree of homogenization, mixing and final product finish. The design of the different types of heads and impellers, together with our extensive experience, means that we can provide solutions for the vast majority of systems and volumes.

The high degree of shear of the slotted, sieved or drilled heads allows us to adapt them in a very fast, comfortable and simple way to a long list of applications within the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical or chemical industry.

INOXMIM’s solid/liquid blenders, with their optimized impeller design and innovative suction system, produce homogeneous mixtures of powder and granulated product with a base liquid, achieving excellent results.

The performance of this equipment makes it ideal for many common applications in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Some operations in which blenders are used are:

  • Brine preparation
  • Milk reconstitution
  • Syrup production
  • Dissolution of bentonites, thickeners, sugars, etc.
  • Incorporation of additives, thickeners, agrochemicals, lime, etc.

As manufacturers of industrial agitators, we develop customized mobile or fixed elevation and agitation systems, with the aim of achieving a high degree of homogenization at all levels of the tank.