Machinery for the cosmetics industry

The cosmetics industry market has grown exponentially in recent years. Factors such as the growing interest of the male public in beauty products and the ageing of the population have led to the need for this sector to manufacture many more products that are more effective and beneficial for our bodies.

From the analysis of this interesting context, the need arises to develop and manufacture machinery for the cosmetics industry with advanced performance, specific to each process and production chain, and which guarantees both high profitability and a return on investment in a short time.

That is the key to everything we do at InoxMIM. As for the manufacture of cosmetic products, we offer direct attention and technical advice for the correct development of the hygiene, personal care, cosmetics and beauty industry, in products as diverse as gels, shampoos, dyes, conditioners, sun creams, facial moisturisers and regenerating creams…

Cosmetic processing plants developed by our experts

We develop machinery for the cosmetics industry, as well as agitation, mixing and emulsifying systems, which are characterised by both quality and technical complexity (performance-efficiency).

We are not only machine manufacturers, we take into account the appropriate consumption and mechanical performance factors for each application. In the agitation and mixing equipment, we offer different sealing solutions to guarantee a good seal, preventing leakage of product, gases…

Our extensive experience and knowledge of the sector allows us to manufacture equipment capable of working under overpressure, vacuum, explosive atmospheres… In particular, we study the specific needs of each of our customers and look for the most appropriate machinery to optimise their cosmetic production lines.

Compact reactor with automatic regulation system

Compact reactors with built-in recirculating emulsifier system for creams and gels

We offer direct attention and technical advice for the development in the hygiene, personal care, cosmetics and beauty industry, in products as diverse as gels, shampoos, dyes, conditioners, sun creams, serums, moisturisers and facial regenerating creams…

Mobile equipment for cosmetics processing

Mobile reactor with heated system

Mobile reactor with cooling system

Jacketed mobile fuser

Industrial detergent production plant

We have pilot plants to reduce errors to a minimum.

We have been manufacturing industrial machinery for many years and we are well aware that mistakes or bad decisions can be very costly for any company. That is why we offer all our customers our pilot plants, specially designed to carry out all kinds of tests, study the feasibility of a production line and ensure that each customer buys exactly the type of machinery they need.

Why choose InoxMIM to buy machinery for the cosmetics industry?

For many reasons. Firstly, because we have been manufacturing all types of industrial machinery for more than twenty years, with a strong commitment to innovation, research and development of new technologies that allow companies in this sector to continue optimising their cosmetics industrial production lines and plants.

We will offer you complete solutions, as well as the necessary advice and training so that everything works and comes out in the right way. In short, if you are looking for a company made up of professionals with a long history, a lot of experience and a real passion for industrial engineering, you are definitely in the right place.

Mixing equipment for the cosmetics industry

CIP cleaning equipment

Cream preparation reactor / Compact reactor with automatic regulation system / Small reactor 50 litres with recirculation system.