Liquid ring pump: self-priming, reversible and very versatile machines

The liquid ring pump is a type of pump specially designed for the transfer of clean fluids free of solid particles in suspension. At InoxMIM, we are one of the leading manufacturers of centrifugal pumps, and we stand out for our innovative designs that guarantee the excellence of the production processes of which they are part. Liquid ring pumps have the particularity of being self-priming, reversible, and capable of working with a wide range of products and different sectors. Therefore, they can be used in the oenological and olive sector -to manufacture wine, must, vinegar, and oil-, in the dairy sector -for the production of milk, whey, and other derivatives- and the chemical sector -for the manufacture of acids, solvents, detergents, inks, etc.-, among many others. However, above all, they are characterized by their great performance in the returns of a CIP.

Liquid ring pumps

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