The ability to rotate in both directions of travel and self-suction are the main characteristics of these pumps

One of the main attributes that define the flexible impeller pumps designed, designed and manufactured in InoxMIM is that they are prepared to rotate in both directions of travel and their self-priming capacity. Both attributes make them the most used pumps in the fine chemical, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, especially when it comes to the handling and transfer of viscous products that contain suspended particles or that require special and delicate care during pumping.

The most recurrent is that these flexible impeller pumps are used for dairy products, wines, or oils. So, if your industry is working with high-viscosity products such as cosmetics, jams, syrups, or liquids with solid or gaseous parts such as carbonated beverages, the flexible impeller pump is just what you need.

Flexible impeller pumps

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