Pumping Systems

FLUIDMIM pump systems department selects the type of pump for each transfer which guarantees the best performance and lowest cost for each application. We have different centrifugal pumps models available which provide solutions to problems that arise in transporting the product.

Our quality is certified by ISO 9001, we are consistent in striving to offer the highest quality.  INOXMIM is working according to standard criteria demanded for each product in line with the CE, FDA, ATEX and 3A regulations.

We also design an extensive range of centrifugal, helical, gear, peristaltic, lobe, flexible impeller, and liquid ring centrifugal pumps.

    Thanks to the extensive experience gained over the years, FLUIDMIM —INOXMIM’s fluid pumping systems department — has designed a wide range of centrifugal pumps that offer high-performance, high-quality pumping solutions.Various sizes and models are available to meet the requirements of every application in the chemical, food-processing, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries and other areas.

    Centrifugal pumps with a helical rotor are designed for pumping products that contain solid particles and require special care when being transferred. The configuration of the impeller provides a high-volume flow that enables all kinds of products in the food industry and, in particular, in the wine industry to be pumped.

    Liquid ring pumps have been designed for transferring and handling clean fluids and fluids without any suspended solid particles. This kind of self-priming, reversible pump can work with a wide range of products and fields, such as the wine and oil industries (wines, must, vinegar and olive oil), dairy products industry (milk, whey, etc.) and chemical industry (acids, solvents, detergents, inks, etc.).

    Our flexible impeller pumps have been designed for handling and decanting viscous products that contain particles in suspension, or that require special care in the pumping process.The pumps are reversible and can be used in self-priming mode, which means they can be used for a wide variety of products in the chemical, food-processing, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

    The external gear pumps designed by FLUIDMIM are robust and reliable when handling viscous products in the chemical and food -processing industries.

    Stainless steel lobe pumps are particularly well suited for pumping viscous fluids.Their particular features, quality and high performance make them ideal for use in the dairy industry, oenology, the food sector, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and the chemicals industry.

    Thanks to our extensive range of progressive cavity pumps, we can deliver pumping solutions for viscous products and applications that require high pressures. Helical screw pumps made from cast iron GG-25 or AISI 304/316 stainless steel can be used to transfer all kinds of products in the chemical, mining, food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industries and water treatment.

    Peristaltic pumps can transfer all kinds of products without causing damage since there is no contact between the mechanical parts and the fluid, whether the products are of low, medium or high viscosity. For this reason they are widely used in the food industry, particularly for transferring wines, pulps, sauces, etc. They are also used in the chemical industry and water treatment since the elastomeric material in the pipe is selected according to what product is to be pumped, lowering operating costs, increasing performance and extending the useful life of the equipment.