Equipment for the food industry

Do you need specific machinery for the pasteurisation of milk and its derivatives? At InoxMIM we are dedicated to the design and manufacture of equipment for the treatment of milk, providing specific solutions for all the processes involved in industrial pasteurisation.

We develop complete processing equipment and installations, fully automated and with the highest performance on the market. If you have a yoghurt, cream, cheese, milkshake or dessert production plant, there is no doubt that we have a lot to offer you. If you decide to trust us, you will achieve, on the one hand, a significant increase in production and, on the other hand, an increase in the food safety required and demanded by this industry.

Automatic pasteurisation equipment for
large volumes

Multi-product electric pasteuriser

Equipment needed in an industrial pasteurisation plant

One of InoxMIM’s specialities is the manufacture and design of special machinery for the industrial production of pasteurised foods using the HTST-HIGH Temperature Short Time system. We can offer you electrical equipment, with autonomous capacity, heat and cold generation systems, to work both in small and large quantities of any liquid… The possibilities are many!

Compact semi-automatic pasteuriser

  • Reception and sanitisation units

  • Heat treatment and cooling

  • Homogenisers

  • Skimming and standardisation

  • Fermenters for dairy products

  • CIP cleaning stations

  • Process control

We have the most advanced technology and the best engineers.

At InoxMIM we have a team of engineers and technical specialists who work with state-of-the-art management systems and software, which operate using parametric and fluid simulation programmes, a factor that always guarantees the best possible solution for each of our customers.

On the other hand, we will put our pilot plant at your disposal, in order to carry out all the necessary tests to check and ensure the viability of the production of food products such as dairy products, sauces or juices and beverages.

High-performance machinery for the food industry

At InoxMIM we have been designing and manufacturing machinery for the food industry for many years, and more specifically, working on the development of specific equipment for the industrial preparation of sauces, soups or purées.

In this sense, we offer advanced technology and high performance solutions with equipment that combines cooking, homogenisation and the texture to be achieved, depending on the demands of society or the market, always treating the product with the utmost delicacy and optimising production times to the maximum.

Equipment for the production of sauces, purées, mayonnaises and others

Industrial juice and beverage processing machinery

Reconstitution equipment and additives

When it comes to the industrial production of juices and beverages, we have an extensive list of equipment specifically designed for this purpose. Machinery that respects all the nutritional and natural qualities intact, and that will allow you to adjust your budget to the specific needs of your production line.

Whether natural juices or juices from concentrate, our EML and EMTB emulsifiers and blenders help to achieve a homogenous and stable product.

  • Homogenising and mixing equipment

  • Pumping systems

  • Heat exchange system

  • CIP cleaning system

  • Pasteurisation systems for juices

  • Process automation and integration

Blenders and mixers for the food industry

The performance and characteristics of this agitation and mixing equipment have made it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications and processes within the food industry. They are often used for different processes such as:

  • Sugar dissolution in food products (must, syrup, condensed milk, ice-cream…)

  • Preparation or reconstitution of milk powder

  • Brine preparation

  • Syrup production

  • Dissolution of bentonites, tannins, thickeners, activated carbon, etc.

  • Incorporation of additives, colouring agents, flavourings, agrochemicals, lime…

Solid and Liquid Mixer EMTBH