We have a wide range of industrial mixers for different sectors: food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, etc. 

At Inoxmim we have a department that specialises in developing all types of agitation and mixing equipment, called AGITIM. 

Its main function is to develop machinery that serves to improve the processes and industrial production lines of the different sectors with which we usually work: food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, etc.

Our excellent team of engineers work with state-of-the-art fluid generation tools and software, which ensures that they always find the most suitable solution and equipment for each type of process or preparation. 

Thanks to them, our catalogue has a wide range of different models, both vertical and lateral agitators, but we also develop blenders, emulsifiers, micronisers, and joint mixing and pumping equipment and solutions.

In essence, we are able to adapt to the requirements of each product, mixture or project, with a very high level of customisation and with a full testing plant at your disposal, which allows us to minimise errors and study a priori the viability and performance of each piece of equipment that we design.

Our agitation and mixing equipment provides different sealing solutions to guarantee a good seal, preventing leakage of product, gases and other problems, and is capable of manufacturing equipment that works in overpressure, vacuum, explosive atmospheres…

If you are looking for an affordable industrial mixer that guarantees the best results…

Vertical agitation mixers

We offer eight different models of vertical agitators, all highly customisable, that come with a wide range of complementary options that allow us to cover the vast majority of applications that occur within the modern process industry, regardless of the sector, whether it be food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic or chemical. 

With all our years of experience in the field of vertical agitation, we have the best equipment and mixers on the current market: 

Side-mounted agitation mixers

Lateral agitation is essential in some of the processes that occur in modern industry, if specific and exact degrees of homogenisation and product maintenance are required or desired.

In order to cover the long list of applications that require equipment with these specific characteristics, InoxMIM has designed different mixers with different features and components, and can also customise them according to the needs of each client or application:


We have emulsifiers, mixers and micronisers that provide excellent homogenisation, mixing and final product finish. 

This is due to the design of the different types of heads and impellers; the high degree of shear of the slotted, sieved or perforated heads makes them easily, quickly and practically adaptable to most applications that require this type of mixer in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or chemical industry.


Finally, we would like to show you all the features of our industrial blender; a machine specially designed to obtain homogeneous mixtures of powder and granulated product with a base liquid, achieving spectacular results. 

Its fully optimised impeller and its suction system are some of its most outstanding features, making it easily adaptable to a wide range of applications in the process industry, in the various sectors with which we work.

They are perfect for preparing brines, reconstituting milk, producing syrups, diluting bentonites, sugars or thickeners, as well as incorporating all kinds of additives into a base liquid.

To ensure that the desired degree of homogenisation is always achieved at every level of the tank, we also design customised supports and hoists for each tank. 

If you would like to request a detailed quotation or would like to receive technical advice regarding any of our equipment, simply fill in the following form or call us on (+34) 972 58 20 40. We’ll be delighted to help you.