A vertical agitator designed for the preparation of reagents in small tanks

These MD/ MDN vertical direct motor agitators have been designed mainly for the preparation of all types of reagents in small volume tanks. These models in particular feature a simple, basic and very compact design, but guarantee high performance with a minimal weight. This factor makes them perfect tools to be attached to HDPE tanks.

The motor and the shaft are connected by a coupling adaptor sleeve, simplifying and drastically reducing any maintenance work required on the unit. They are often used to carry out dilutions, dissolutions, homogenisations and agitation of mixtures. The high turning speed of the drive element is what makes it such a versatile tool.

Agitador Vertical MD

Bear in mind that this type of equipment is usually used by water treatment companies and also in some production facilities within the food industry.

What are the features and technical specifications of this vertical agitator?

This machinery is made using stainless steel, with a marine type propeller and a direct motor. One of the most impressive features of this vertical agitator is the simplicity of all of its components and the ease with which it can be assembled or disassembled. If you wish, you can add a control panel, a pneumatic (air) motor, other types of propeller, an automatic lifting system, a fairing, or a polyethylene tank. If you have any doubts or questions, you just have to contact AGITIM, InoxMIM’s department that specialises in agitation and mixing.

AGITIM will advise you and find the best vertical agitator for your company

Once you contact our agitation and mixing department, our engineering team will get to work. This team is responsible for selecting the type of drive for each specific process, ensuring the highest industrial performance at the lowest cost for your company. The team will carefully analyse your requirements and your production chain’s industrial constraints so that we can provide you with the most reliable agitator. Don’t forget that you are dealing with true agitation and mixing professionals!