Types of milk pasteurisation in the dairy product and derivatives industry, the HTST–High Temperature Short Time system 

Within modern industry we find different types of pasteurisation, as well as some processes that are worth clarifying for all those customers in the food sector who require machinery for the pasteurisation of milk and dairy products. 

At InoxMIM we are experts in machinery for the industrial production of pasteurised foods using the HTST – High Temperature Short Time system.

Types of industrial pasteurisation

Automatic pasteurisation equipment for large volumes

The pasteurisation of milk at high temperature and short time

This type of pasteurisation is spread widely throughout the industry and is known as flash pasteurisation.   It consists of heating the milk to 71.7 °C,  for a period of 15 seconds, to remove the most common pathogen in raw milk, called Coxiella burnetti–the pathogen which is the most resistant to high temperatures and heat of all of those found in fresh milk –.

To be sure of its removal, and knowing that technically it is impossible to heat milk to that exact temperature, it is worth heating it to a temperature of between 72 and 74 °C for 15 or 20 seconds.  

This results in high quality pasteurised milk that can be preserved for up to 21 days without any problems at all.

Parts of a HTST pasteurisation machine – High Temperature Short Time

Below, we will briefly show you and explain, in general, all of the parts and components of a HTST pasteurisation system.  

  • Equalising tank: is in charge of keeping the load constant for all of the milk that enters the system to be pasteurised.

  • Milk feed pump: is in charge of achieving the ideal pressure level for an efficient flow of milk.

  • Flow control system: regulates the flow level of the liquid that circulates through the tubes.

  • Filters and clarifiers: clean the dirt from the liquids.

  • Industrial homogeniser: prevents fat separation in resting milk.

  • PHE with sections for regeneration, heating, maintenance and cooling: takes charge of maintaining the maximum level of efficiency in all parts of the pasteurisation process. 

  • Pressure bypass valves: guarantee the optimum conditions of pasteurisation of the system, before the milk passes through them.

  • Instrumentation and control equipment: components designed to further increase efficiency and control of the entire milk pasteurisation process. 

  • Peripheral sources of public services; steam, compressed air and water: a system in charge of providing the optimum conditions of heating and refrigeration in industrial pasteurisation environments and systems.

  • Tubes and piping systems: facilitate and enable the flow of milk inside them, without this being contaminated from the process at any time.

We also have a specific line of CIP cleaning machines for industrial pasteurisation systems

Guaranteeing the maximum level of hygiene and cleanliness in industrial milk pasteurisation processes is absolutely essential for contemporary production plants.  

With a view to covering this need, we have a complete line of CIP cleaning machines (Clean in Place). These machines have been designed with an automatic washing system without the need for dismantling which enables and circulates a powerful cleaning solution through the elements of the pasteurisation machine, achieving the highest degree of disinfection possible and preventing any type of contamination.  

Types of industrial pasteurisation

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