Equipment designed to optimise sauce production in hotels and large bakeries

InoxMIM has been manufacturing machinery for the hotel and catering industry in Spain for many years, specifically developing equipment for the industrial preparation of sauces, soups and purees. This kind of recipe usually requires a lot of preparation and cooking time, which is often not feasible in professional kitchens and large workshops.


We are committed to optimising both resources and time, and we therefore provide advanced technology and high performance solutions in our equipment, combining cooking, homogenisation and texture to suit each individual recipe, while always handling the product with the utmost care. Our equipment is designed for production volumes ranging from 50L to 2000L per batch, or even higher if required.

fabricantes de maquinaria para hostelería en España

Manufacturers of machinery for hospitality: bottom-entry emulsifiers (EMF)

We have designed a wide range of bottom-entry emulsifiers which meet all the requirements for dispersing, emulsifying, homogenising and grinding the product. These emulsifiers are particularly suitable for the industrial production of vegetable sauces and creams, because they can rapidly and efficiently break down the densest ingredients in any product or mixture. In addition, they can prepare both hot and cold sauces using pre-cut foods (never put them in whole).

fabricantes de maquinaria para hostelería en España

Look at how the EMF models work and you can see that the rotating turbine generates just the right amount of suction to draw the fluid into the central head. The centrifugal force generated by the emulsifier puts the product under very high pressure, thereby grinding it down. The product then passes through the holes in the head at a high speed, resulting in the complete dispersion, emulsification and homogenisation of the mixture.

This high level of shear combined with the use of different perforated, slotted or sieved heads guarantees the ideal particle size for stable emulsions and homogeneous mixtures.

A machine designed to produce very fine sauces, where the size of each particle should be as small as possible

fabricantes de maquinaria para hostelería en España

We would like to show you the high shear rate of our MICRO mixing equipment, which has been specially designed to achieve a perfectly emulsified mixture using a high rotational rotor speed – up to 33 m/s – and a double mechanical seal, both of which provide excellent results for high viscosity emulsions.

This model boasts accurate mechanical adjustment, streamlined components and robust mechanical elements.

Last but not least, we should point out that we also provide positive displacement pumps- ERBor PRL- for transferring the product from the tank to the packaging machine.

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