Industrial engineering solutions for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors

Since it was founded, over twenty years ago, InoxMIM has devoted body and soul to the development and manufacture of industrial machinery for different sectors, such as food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. During this time it has managed to manufacture all types of pumping, agitation, mixing and fluid handling systems, designed to meet the needs of these industrial sectors in Spain and the rest of the world.

The brand identity is very clear: it has always been committed to innovation and the development of complete industrial engineering solutions for most of the processes that occur in these specific fields.

We have experience with the most complex conditions such as explosion-proof atmospheres (ATEX), high temperatures, vacuum work and pressurised equipment.

What equipment can InoxMIM provide as suppliers of industrial machinery?

Firstly, it manufactures a wide range of pumping equipment that meets the demands, needs and requirements of the vast majority of applications in these industries.

  • Centrifugal pumps

  • Positive displacement pumps

  • Special and customised pumping equipment

  • Lifting systems

  • Joint integrated pumping and mixing solutions

  • Heat treatment units, pasteurisers.

  • Filtration and CIP cleaning equipment

  • Industrial agitators (vertical and lateral)

  • Emulsion and mixing systems

The combination of these products, together with our tanks, control panels and accessories, allow InoxMIM to provide units to manufacture a wide variety of products such as:

  • Oil or water based cosmetic creams

  • Hydroalcoholic gels, shampoos and soaps

  • Brines, syrups, thickeners and antifoaming agents

  • Gazpachos, vegetable creams and fruit smoothies

  • Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustards and sauces

  • Soft drinks, beers, non-dairy milks

  • Milk and dairy products

We should also point out that we also have extensive experience with designing and manufacturing industrial agitators for all types of industrial processes within the sectors that we work with on a regular basis.

A human team formed by excellent professionals

InoxMIM has an impressive team of technicians, engineers and specialists for optimising equipment performance, designing and developing new facilities and bespoke plants, and providing solutions to all the problems and industrial needs of each client.

The main mission is to produce complex agitation, mixing and emulsion systems, while considering the ideal consumption and mechanical performance factors for each application.

At the same time, the continuous development of industrial processes and machinery allows us to modernise designs and upgrade finishes of components such as: impellers, propellers, rotor-stator heads, torches, turrets, semi-axles, tripods …

industrial machinery suppliers catalonia

Specific equipment and solutions for dairy pasteurisation

We also have a wide variety of pasteurisation equipment for the food industry, being specialists in the HTST (High Temperature / Short Time) method.

Generally speaking, our machines and dairy product pasteurisation plants include the following elements:

  • Balancing tank: maintains a constant load for all incoming milk before pasteurisation.

  • Milk supply pump: this is the component in charge of keeping the milk pressure constant in all parts of the system.

  • Flow control system: regulates the flow level of the liquid that circulates through the ducts.

  • Filters and clarifiers: these are responsible for removing dirt and any particles that may be in the milk.

  • Industrial homogeniser: prevents the fat from separating in the resting milk.

  • PHE with regeneration, heating, maintenance and cooling sections: this ensures that all parts of the system are equally efficient.

  • Flow bypass valves: ensures the best conditions for the milk in each part of the pasteurisation process.

  • Instrumentation and control equipment: tailor-made to further optimise and improve all parts of the process.

  • Peripheral utility sources; steam, compressed air and water: provide the best heating and cooling conditions throughout the system.

  • Ducts and piping systems: facilitate and allow the internal flow of milk.

Machinery for the industrial production of sauces

Typical equipment used within the food industry includes tubular heat exchangers, plates for rapidly cooling or heating a product, and EML and MICRO agitators, designed for particle reduction during the pre-packaging phase.

This equipment, which can be seen in the photo, has been specially designed for the industrial production of sauces, soups, and all kinds of purees.

industrial machinery for sauces and soups

We have test facilities so that we can minimise errors

Thanks to our many years of experience manufacturing industrial machinery, InoxMIM is well aware of how difficult it is to introduce a quality product onto the market. This is why all of our clients and companies have the option to use our scale test facilities so that they can assess the production viability of their products. Remember that if you work with InoxMIM you are working with professional, experienced and long-standing industrial machinery suppliers . In short…a winning bet.

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Since its beginnings in 1997, INOXMIM has been strongly linked to the development and manufacture of industrial machinery. The pumping, agitation, mixing and fluid handling systems that are manufactured have allowed us to meet the needs of our customers over the years.

Constant innovation and development allow INOXMIM to provide complete solutions in most processes, thus satisfying the most demanding requirements in the industry.

We are professionals with a long history and experience behind us.