At INOXMIM we combine years of experience to give solutions in processing and production.

The constant increase in consumption of purees, soups and vegetable juices in today’s society means that manufacturers need to be innovative in their processes to be efficient and respond to the costs and the demands of the market.  At INOXMIM we offer solutions for this process with equipment that combines cooking, homogenisation and desired texture according to the market trends, treating the product delicately. We also equip them with a cleaning and hygiene process with CIP systems.

Equipment for processing sauces, purees, mayonnaise and others

Equipment for processing sauces, purees,
mayonnaise and others

  • Equipo para salsa con emulsionador de fondo | INOXMIM
  • Emulsionador vertical con cuchillas de corte | INOXMIM
  • Emulsionador de fondo con cuchillas de corte | INOXMIM
  • Doble cierre mecanico refrigerado | INOXMIM
  • Equipo para salsa con ancora eliptica | INOXMIM
  • EM emulsionador vertical | INOXMIM
  • EML emulsionador en linea | INOXMIM
  • IBC Agitador farmacia | INOXMIM
  • Agitador vertical IBC con helices RUSHTON | INOXMIM
  • Reactor alimentario con agitador GFL y VMD | INOXMIM
  • Equipo de filtracion | INOXMIM

Accessories and equipment for

We offer the necessary equipment for the transformation and processing of the product.

Our engineering department works with cutting edge management and software systems using parametric programmes and fluid simulations, guaranteeing the best solution.

We offer our pilot plants to carry out tests to scale and evaluate the viability of manufacturing our clients’ new products.

Amongst the most widely used INOXMIM systems are the tubular heat exchangers or the plates to heat or cool the product quickly at low temperatures.

Other INOXMIM equipment used in processing soups and sauces include EML and MICRO equipment to reduce particles prior to filtration before filling and packaging.


The features of this equipment make them ideal for application in the food industry.  Some of the operations the EMTB mixers are used in are:

  • Dissolution of sugar in food products (grape juice, syrup, condensed milk, ice creams, etc.)
  • Preparation/reconstitution of powdered milk
  • Preparation of brines
  • Production of syrups
  • Dissolution of bentonites, tannins, thickeners, active carbon, etc.
  • Incorporation of additives, colourants, aromas, agrochemical products, lime, etc.
  • Thumbnail EMTBV Blender con configuración vertical F13 | INOXMIM
  • Thumbnail EMTBH Blender con difusor tangencial F12 | INOXMIM
  • Thumbnail EMTBH Blender difusor axial F11 | INOXMIM
  • Thumbnail EMTB Blender con soporte de mesa F10 | INOXMIM
  • Thumbnail Emulsionador Solido Liquido F9 | INOXMIM
  • Thumbnail Emulsionador con soporte mesa F9 | INOXMIM
  • Thumbnail EMT Emulsionador solido liquido ATEX F8 | INOXMIM
  • Thumbnail EMTB Blender para mezclar solidos y liquidos F7 | INOXMIM

Equipment for reconstitution and additives

Reconstitution Equipment

Dessert preparation plant

Dessert preparation plant


The equipment and processes designed and integrated by INOXMIM to produce juices and drinks help our customers to achieve products with all of the natural qualities intact and with a process economy adapted to the needs.

The mixing of liquid products in the drinks industry has always been subject to complex requirements.  With the EML and MICRO equipment, we give faster efficiency to the mix each time. The EML and MICRO production systems are designed to satisfy these requirements, being economic and reproducing the continued process with maximum perfection.

We provide process solutions for the juices and drinks industry:

  • Homogenisation and mixing equipment
  • Pump systems
  • Heat exchange systems
  • CIP systems
  • SProduct recovery systems
  • Process automisation and integration
pdf. Portable CIP unit
CIP Equipment

CIP Equipment

CIP Equipment

CIP Equipment

We manufacture a wide range of pump systems that meet the requirements of most of the applications in the industry, from centrifugal pumps to positive displacement pumps. Equipment with special pumps, elevation systems, integrated pump and mixing solutions are manufactured according to needs.