First steps: assembly and disassembly of the centrifugal pump

Since we manufacture industrial machinery, we will use the FL30 as an example to explain how to repair a centrifugal pump. Here are some things to bear in mind when it comes to disassembling the pump:

  • Start by disconnecting the pump from the electrical power supply to prevent it from starting the motor when dismantling, or from starting the washing cycle.  
  • Allow the equipment to cool down to room temperature if liquids have been pumped at high temperatures.
  • Close the fluid suction and discharge valves and then empty the pump and the fluid piping, taking the appropriate precautions as specified in the safety data sheet of the pumped product.
  • It is also important to clean any residual fluids that may have accumulated on the outside of the pump.
como reparar una bomba centrifuga

How to repair a centrifugal pump: other things to consider

  • Disassembly and assembly work must be carried out by qualified personnel, as improper handling can damage the pump.
  • To facilitate joint and seal assembly, all seals should be properly lubricated prior to assembly.
  • Pay close attention to the seal’s friction faces, as well as to the torsional joints.

  • Prevent thread seizure by applying mounting lubricant to the threads.

We have an extensive catalogue of centrifugal pumps to meet various industrial requirements

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Of course, we would like to mention in this post that we have a specialist department, called FLUIDMIM, for the design, manufacture and development of all types of industrial pumps. They select the right type of centrifugal pump for each transfer or industrial process, which guarantees both performance and cost optimisation for every use. We have a wide range of different pump models, such as centrifugal, screw, liquid ring, progressive cavity, gear, flexible impeller, lobe or peristaltic pumps.

If you have questions about how to repair a centrifugal pump, you can request non-binding information by calling (+34) 972 58 2040, sending an email to , or filling in the form that you can find in the contact section.