The Kalekoi Dairy is using a pasteurizing unit, skimming-machine and pumps from InoxMIM.

Kalekoi & InoxMIM the origin of the collaboration

In 1974 some farmers in Galicia, an area located in the North-west of the Iberian Peninsula, focused their attention on high quality milk production.

Some decades later, in 2014, Alejandro Moure absorbed those same ideas and founded a dairy farm in Lalin called “Kalekoi”. The milk used comes only from the nearby regions in Galicia and the products are of a very high quality, coming in small quantities.

This proximity and control of the origin of the milk allows to obtain products of a high quality, although they are treated in small quantities when compared with the giants of the market.

It was during his search for equipment that Moure found in InoxMIM a collaborator with whom he shares this philosophy, although this will be found on the other side of the peninsula, in Porqueres, near Gerona.

innovación InoxMIM equipos industria cosmética

La Rubia Gallega

Galicia is since 1981 an autonomous community with its capital Santiago de Compostela (known as the final destination of the “Camino de Santiago” or St. James’ Way) and has four provinces: A Coruna, Lugo, Ourense and Pontevedra.  It’s a mountainous region with many forests, eucalyptus plantations and rivers.

The major economic benefits come from the fishing and agriculture industries.  Native to the region and very well suited for all dairy products is the Galician Blond cow.

Plans for butter and organic products 

Alejandro Moure’s dairy farm uses only milk obtained from his own herds, yielding 150.000 litres a year.  This milk pasteurized and homogenized, but mainly used to make 10 different yogurt products, including the natural one as the different flavors that the master craftsman elaborates according to the season.

 Sobre los productos orgánicos, que cada vez son más y más relevantes en el mercado español, Alejandro dice “¡lo tendremos más que presente para un futuro muy próximo!”.

Organic products are also becoming more and more important in the Spanish markets,  Alejandro says “so we will keep this in mind for the near future!”.


Perfect synergy Kalekoi and InoxMIM

By producing systems for fluid handling, mixing, agitation, emulsification applications and pumps we have satisfied the needs of many clients over the years. We have extensive experience in the pump and agitation sector; our wide product range combined allows us to provide solutions for the large majority of industrial, food-processing, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications”, reports Albert Moreno from InoxMIM 

Whenever anything needs to be mixed, blended, emulsified or pumped, whether from a small pilot project up to industrial high-tech production for yogurt or dairy products, wine, soft drinks or cosmetics, you can be sure to find machinery made by InoxMIM


Milk pasteurization 

For the Kalekoi dairy plant InoxMIM delivered a HTST (high-temperature-short-time) pasteurization unit, a skimmer for the separation of cream and several pumps.

The capacity of this unit is 400 litres up to 1,000 litres per hour so it fits perfectly in any small and medium-sized dairy. When pasteurizing the raw milk is pumped from a balance tank (25 L) to a plate heat exchanger.  It is heated up to 75°C and is held at the correct temperature in a tube for 20 seconds to ensure any pathogenic microorganisms are no longer present.

With this process,the milk now has a longer shelf life but remains as fresh, full of vitamins and proteins as before.  Finally the milk is cooled to 4º C for cold filling or storage in insulated tanks.

Heat regeneration 

The unit is equipped with a heat regeneration system which is a cross-flow section inside the heat-exchanger. 

This is where the hot pasteurized milk pre-heats the cooler raw milk coming in to be pasteurized by the hot water.  The hot milk is also pre-cooled in the Regeneration Stage to be then cooled down further by cold water.  Here there are two Regeneration Stages; one with an outlet at 45ºC for yogurt and another which goes to the final milk cooling section of the fully pasteurized product.  For yogurt cold water is not needed because the raw milk coming in cools the hot milk down to between 42º and 45ºC.


No microbiological contamination possible 

In case part of the milk for some reason is not properly pasteurized it is rejected from the system into a separate vessel to be cooled down, and if desired can then be returned to the balance tank at the beginning of the process

There is a three-way valve after the holding tube which diverts the direction of the product if the temperature is not correct.  It can be sent directly to the balance tank but this is not recommended as it can alter the inlet temperature and the pasteurization unit must be reconfigured.

unidad de pasteurización HTST

Yogurt production

With the same pasteurization unit Kalekoi Dairy can produce yogurt.

What makes the Kalekoi yogurts are like those made at home, is the adjustment of the fermentation time and pH carried out by Kalekoi specialists who know exactly the amount of ferment and conditions necessary to obtain each type of yogurt they want to produce .

During the process of milk and yogurt production Kalekoi uses several InoxMIM pumps to propel the milk, feed the hot and cold water inlets and propel the skimmed milk, which are mainly the FL20C and FL31CI type food-grade centrifugal pumps.

Customer rating Kalekoi: Very Satisfied

Moure says he decided to use InoxMIM equipment not just because they offered interesting products, “but mainly because the technical team always tried to present to us the best and most suitable solutions!  So we are very satisfied with the purchased equipment.  Besides being a small pasteurization unit it is very versatile and we are able to work with whole milk or yogurt”, emphasizes Moure.


Since its beginnings in 1997 INOXMIM has been strongly linked to the development and manufacture of industrial machinery.  Our systems for pumping, agitation, mixing and fluid processing have been able to satisfy perfectly the needs of our clients all these years.

Constant innovation and development permits INOXMIM to provide complete solutions in the majority of processes satisfying in this way the most demanding requirements of the industry.

We are professionals with a long trajectory and proven experience which endorses us.

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