Industrial mixers for liquids: What’s new in the latest InoxMIM designs?

Mezcladores industriales para líquidos

These EMTB industrial mixers for liquids have a new suction system and an innovative impeller that makes it possible to produce homogeneous mixtures of powder and granulated product with a base liquid, thus ensuring optimum and highly profitable results.

Please be aware that we are talking about a type of machinery that is characterised by its streamline mechanics, and by the fact that it does not require major maintenance work, thus always providing the best quality mixed product.

How do InoxMIM industrial mixers for liquids and solids work?

The liquid is guided and pumped through the mixing chamber, creating the suction required for homogenisation and the correct incorporation of the solid particles into the base fluid.

Once all the product has been incorporated, the regulation valve is closed. By recirculating the resulting liquid multiple times, the machine produces a completely smooth mixture, avoiding both wetting and powder sticking to the bottom.

In what applications is this type of industrial equipment necessary?

At InoxMIM we designed this equipment after analysing the current needs of each sector, so as to carry out the different applications of the food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry:

  • Brine preparation
  • Milk reconstitution
  • Syrup production
  • Dissolution of bentonites, thickeners, sugars …
  • Incorporation of additives, thickeners, agrochemical products …

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We are specialists in designing, producing and manufacturing this type of industrial mixer for liquids with solid products, managing to efficiently optimise both time and mixing, providing outstanding results. Be assured that we will examine the viability of your project or request in our testing facility, so that you can be sure that there will be no mistakes. This is the advantage of working with professionals like InoxMIM.