At InoxMIM, we are specialists in the design and manufacture of peristaltic pumps that are capable of satisfying the highest demands for the different sectors of contemporary industry. These machines are very common in mining, as well as in many of the processes that occur in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical sectors.
Thanks to our constant investment and experience in R&D, you will have access to the most versatile and modern peristaltic pumps on the market.

What is a peristaltic pump?

The peristaltic pump is a hydraulic device that, thanks to its design, has the capacity to transport fluids with different density and viscosity and can even process fluids with high concentrations of solids.

Its capacity to process these fluids is due to the design of its flexible hose, as well as the rollers or shoes that keep the material inside it circulating constantly.

Within the operation of the peristaltic pump, it is possible to identify three phases that make its operation possible.

  • Suction: this is when the fluid is sucked in and then processed by the rollers or shoes.

  • Processing: this stage involves the rollers or shoes that keep the fluids contained inside the hose circulating constantly. In other words, these elements “push” the product through the hose.

  • Expulsion: this is the final stage in which the fluid is expelled from the interior of the hose and then transferred to the other stages of production.

On the other hand, the design of peristaltic pumps makes it possible to achieve a wide range of benefits:

  • Cost reduction: the peristaltic pump does not contain a complex operating mechanism made up of valves or other shut-off elements, but instead the fluid comes into direct contact with the internal hose, and this reduces maintenance and component replacement costs.

  • Versatility: due to the peristaltic design these pumps can handle liquids with different densities and viscosities such as slurries, fruit pulp, fluids with trace solids up to 80% and more.

  • Speed: due to its mechanism, the peristaltic pump maintains a constant operation that allows you to achieve the production volume goals set by the planning department of your company.

  • Working without product: these pumps can work without product for a short period of time, allowing product suction if required and complete emptying of the line.

Uses of the peristaltic pump 

The mining sector has found in the peristaltic pump the indispensable device to achieve faster and easier production processes, as it has the capacity to process:

  • Silver, gold, sodium, potassium, lithium and other types of soft metals and other heavy metals such as iron, cobalt, zinc, mercury, nickel, chrome, copper, among others.

  • Sludge with high solids content, up to 80%.

The food industry has also benefited from peristaltic pumps, as they have the capacity to process fruit pulps and juices for wine and beer production.

They also have the capacity to process milk and its derivatives, different types of oils and carbonated beverages, among other fluids of importance in the food industry.

Likewise, thanks to the dedication of InoxMIM, we have specialized in the manufacture of peristaltic pumps, and therefore we have three exceptional models in our catalogue.

Peristaltic Foundry Pump FL — PH

This is a versatile peristaltic pump for heavy duty and industrial use that demands high-performance and high production speed.

Its applications extend into the mining sector for processing slurries, sludges, sediments, carbonates, coarse coal suspensions, mortars, concrete.

It is also used in the chemical industry to produce dyes, dyestuffs, glues, resins, detergents, paints, and fertilizers.

At the same time, it has the capacity to satisfy the needs of the food sector to process milk, yoghurt, juices, pulp, jams, wines, mayonnaise, creams and a wide variety of fluids.

qué es una bomba peristáltica

Stainless Steel Oenological and foodstuff Peristaltic Pump FL-P

¿Qué es una bomba peristáltica?

This peristaltic pump has a lightweight, portable design that makes it easy to transport anywhere in your workstation.

At the same time, it is designed to process liquids such as wine, milk, oil, fruit juices and other products with high solids content such as whole, crushed, crushed grapes, tomatoes, and fruit salads.

Stainless Steel Oenological Peristaltic Pump with hopper FL-TP

Our team of designers thought of everything to make your life easier, and so they created this light and portable peristaltic pump that will be an indispensable ally for the food industry.

One of the aspects that makes it versatile, is the incorporation of a hopper that simplifies the process and makes it faster.

We are committed to innovate to satisfy the needs of our customers and therefore all our machines have a quality guarantee certified by the ISO 9001 standard and are also marked by the CE, FDA and ATEX certification standards, if required.

¿Qué es una bomba peristáltica enológica?

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