We continue to expand our range of solutions for industrial machinery

This 2022 has been the year in which InoxMIM has celebrated its 25 years of history. We were born as manufacturers of machining parts for equipment used in industrial agitation processes. From here, we have evolved to meet and meet the demands we received, and we have manufactured more and more agitation components.

We bet on manufacturing our components and then, we dared with the parts of a team to finally get to manufacture complete equipment. This is how we have achieved our current product catalogue: a proposal with cutting-edge solutions for the food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

valuation year 2022 InoxMIM

Our most cutting-edge equipment

The MixMIM

The MixMIM is a complete reactor manufactured for the cosmetic industry. It is designed to work with overpressure, through a vacuum system and heating at high temperatures.

The LabMIM

This laboratory equipment stands out for being compact. It has a capacity that can range from 5 to 30 litres and with the characteristics of a production reactor that allows scaling to a production plant.

Automatic food CIPs

This type of equipment is a reference in the food sector, since CIP (Clean in Peace) is essential for an optimal hygiene process of equipment, tools, and surfaces used in industrial production.

Our food CIPs can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 deposits. All of them offer the ideal balance between mechanical factor, time, temperature, and detergent to ensure a good cleaning.

valuation year 2022 InoxMIM
valuation year 2022 InoxMIM

We will continue working to provide the best agitation solutions

A few days before the start of 2023, from InoxMIM, we want to thank you for the trust placed in us throughout these 25 years of experience. Being useful to our customers and making it possible for them to achieve their goals encourages us to continue working under the principles of constant excellence and innovation.

The InoxMIM team will strive to continue to be a reference in agitation and mixing systems and equipment. We will be able to offer you solutions for your production plants, as always at a competitive price and with all the guarantees that working with us entails.