What exactly is milk pasteurisation?

Milk pasteurisation is the thermal process which minimises all possible pathogenic agents in milk: bacteria, moulds, protozoa…

This technique was discovered by the chemist and scientist Louis Pasteur during the second half of the 20th century. Originally, it involved putting the milk in a sealed container and heating it above 44°C for a short period of time to destroy any pathogens.

Nowadays, this procedure guarantees the safety of countless food products worldwide. It can not only be used in milk, but also in beer or wine.

What equipment do you need to pasteurise milk?

At InoxMIM we are experts that provide specialised machinery for industrial food production that requires pasteurisation using the HTST – High Temperature Short Time – system. We have specific equipment for this purpose.

We can offer you everything you need to industrially process and produce dairy products. Our experienced engineers work with the most advanced management systems and software on the market, which operate using parametric and fluid simulation programmes. This guarantees that they will always find the best solution for your company or your products.

We also have a testing facility available for you to carry out any necessary tests that you may require to find the perfect equipment.


Milk pasteurisation machines
Milk pasteurisation machines

Our catalogue features equipment for working with both small and large volumes of liquids. We have units that are electric and even have autonomous operating functions. Additionally, we can provide advice on heating and cooling systems that ensure proper equipment operation. Furthermore, we provide homogenisation and separation units if required.

We also have the most modern and advanced CIP cleaning equipment

Additionally, we have state-of-the-art CIP cleaning equipment. The CIP (Clean in Peace) system comprises various equipment and cleaning processes that help to achieve a high level of hygiene and disinfection for equipment, tools and surfaces used in the food industry, and more specifically for all industrial milk pasteurisation processes. Be assured that this type of process requires the highest level of cleanliness, therefore using this equipment is necessary and absolutely essential in any production chain.

Experts in a variety of milk pasteurisation equipment

Put your trust in us. We assue you that choosing InoxMIM means choosing a reliable, efficient and extremely resilient technical and industrial partner. Get in touch and tell us what you need or what you have in mind. Let’s get to work!