Manufacture of cosmetic and food products. Industrial agitators

With over 20 years of experience in the sector, we at InoxMIM have become a leading company in the development and manufacture of solutions for the food and cosmetics industries.

We are specialised in the development of complex agitation systems, always striving to the best design to guarantee a faultless agitation and mixing process.

By taking into account the optimal mechanical performance factors for each process, we guarantee solutions for the handling and mixing of fluids for applications in the cosmetics and food sector.

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Manufacturers of food products

We at InoxMIM offer agitation and mixing systems to provide integrated solutions in the production and manufacture of sauces and products.

We therefore offer manufacturing processes that include standardised and customised mixing, stirring and homogenisation.  What process are you looking to produce? Contact our team today. We offer customised and tailored solutions.


We supply all the necessary equipment for the preparation of sauces, purées, soups and juices.

agitation and mixing

Sauce-making equipment

Milk pasteurisation

We have a wide range of equipment for the treatment and pasteurisation of milk

Agitation and mixing

Large-scale milk pasteurising equipment

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Manufacture of cosmetic products

We have a full range of vertical agitators to provide complete solutions for production processes.

We offer direct support and technical advice for production in the hygiene, personal care, cosmetics and beauty industries. Gels, shampoos, conditioners, sun creams, facial regenerators, moisturisers etc. What do you want to manufacture? Contact our department and we will offer solutions that are tailored to your needs.

We at InoxMIM have compact reactors with an automatic regulation system and built-in recirculation emulsifier system for creams and gel.

Agitation and mixing
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InoxMIM vertical agitators

InoxMIM supplies various models of industrial agitators for each industrial process. Our specialist team select the type of drive that guarantees the highest performance at the lowest possible cost for each application. We have several models of impellers that can solve the various problems that come with agitation.

TANDEM vertical agitators

TANDEM vertical agitators, anti-rotation agitation systems, are characterised by their wide range of applicability and large-scale agitation capacity. TANDEM vertical agitators enable the installation of several shutter systems depending on the application, for vacuum and/or overpressure working environments.

Agitation and mixing

TANDEM vertical agitators

GFL vertical agitators

Our GFL vertical agitators are adapted to the requirements of each system making them essential components in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries.  GFL vertical agitators can be built with different stirring elements to meet the demands of each of our customers.

Agitation and mixing

GFL vertical agitators

Get in touch with the InoxMIM team, who are specialised in the manufacture of industrial machinery and in agitation and mixing manufacturing processes.

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