Lateral Agitator LMD/LECO

The LMD and LECO side agitators are particularly suitable for the maintenance and mixing of products in medium and large volume tanks. Both models are installed in the lower part of the tank with the appropriate inclination to obtain the optimum mixing regime. With the same objective in mind, the shaft length, diameter and type of propeller are selected. All this, together with the shaft sealing system by means of a mechanical seal, allows these agitators to offer high performance and great durability. Their characteristics allow them to be used in the chemical, water treatment, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, simply by varying their final finish. The LMD and LECO can work with brines, oils, acids and other chemical products, flocculants, thickeners, colouring and flavouring agents, spirits, wines and liqueurs, whey, yeasts, sugars, etc.

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