VMD/VMR Vertical Agitators

Vertical agitators with direct drive/gear motor and guiding turret

Within its wide range of vertical agitators, INOXMIM has designed the VMD and VMR agitators to satisfy agitating and homogenisation requirements in medium volume vessels (2000-15,000 litres).

VMD and VMR agitators are fitted with a lip sealing system which, along with the bolstering tower and semi-shaft transmission, provide high agitating performance and capacity and also extend the working life of the unit. Their characteristics mean a wide variety of impeller elements can be used, working with high viscosity products which tend to form lumps or which are difficult to mix.

These units are capable of carrying out a wide range of operations including dilution, dissolving, reagent mixes, product maintenance, etc. For these reasons, these agitators are extensively used in water treatment and in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

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