The EMF-EMFL range: high shear bottom-entry tank emulsifiers

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How has this equipment been designed and for what conditions?

The industrial emulsifiers in this range have been designed with a single robust structure, so that the rotor and stator are totally concentric. This avoids misalignments during the manufacturing process. A dual-cartridge seal is used to ensure perfect sealing and simple, fast assembly or disassembly. This range can work both in open and closed tanks under atmospheric pressure, pressurisation, or in a vacuum. They are specially designed to work in conjunction with an anchor type agitator or with homogenising propellers.

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Industrial emulsifiers designed to meet all requirements for product dispersion, emulsification and milling processes

How does this equipment work and what industrial processes take place inside the tank?

EMF-EMFL industrial emulsifiers are installed in the lower part of the tank, which explains why they are highly effective when it comes to dissolving even the heaviest particles. Furthermore, the turbine’s rotation generates the suction necessary to suck the fluid towards the centre of the head where the centrifugal force pushes it towards the outside of the rotor. Upon reaching the space between the turbine and the stator, a high pressure is applied to the product, resulting in milling.

Then, as it passes through the slots in the head, the high rotational speed generates a very high shear force, resulting in the mixture being dispersed, emulsified and homogenised.

This high level of shear combined with the use of different drilling, slotting or sieving heads guarantees the ideal particle size for stable emulsions and homogeneous mixtures.

This equipment can be used in a combined system with an anchor type propeller agitator (TANDEM or GFL) for highly viscous products. They also work alone if the product has a low viscosity. They are essential in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries.

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