TURBINE Vertical Mixer

The TURBINE model has been designed to mix products which need a low degree of shearing in applications requiring a homogenous result.

The high turning speed of the turbine generates the suction necessary to start the circulation of the liquid inside the vessel. Once drawn towards the turbine, part of the product is subjected to radial flow generated by shearing. The rest of the product is directed towards the bottom of the vessel, following the circulation generated by the axial flow.

The characteristics of this mixer prevent turnover of tank content before homogenising, mixing or dissolving. The design of the grooved body helps the pumping capacity of the mixer, achieving effective mixes in small and medium volumes without using baffles. Moreover, the anchoring system and mechanical sealing system means these units can be installed in nitrogen vessels with positive pressures and/or vacuum.

As a result, these units are ideal for homogenising, dispersing, suspending, mixing, crystallising and dissolving, and to improve heat exchange in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Some examples of applications in which they can work are: preparation of mayonnaise, sauces, pickles, dissolving powdered food, additives, thickeners, preservatives, homogenisations, cosmetic creams, gels, etc.

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