Considering that there is a wide range of varieties of industrial agitators for chemicals, it is important to consider some factors when choosing which is the most suitable for each industry. 

At InoxMIM we have been manufacturing machinery of this type for more than two decades, and for that reason, we know closely all the concerns that arise when buying industrial equipment, and agitators are no exception. Therefore, we want to provide you with all the information you may need when purchasing a product of this type.

Selecting a suitable industrial agitator for chemicals can be a great challenge, as there are many factors to consider, which are important to know. In this article, we’ll share some key considerations to help you select the right model to meet your industry requirements.

Industrial agitators for chemicals: the key elements to consider when choosing the correct model

When it comes to industrial agitators for chemicals, there are at least 7 elements that should be considered when deciding on a particular one. Once you know what type of chemical or paint you want to manufacture, you should ask yourself about the purpose of the agitator, the properties of the liquid, the size, and capacity, the type of agitator, the speed and control, the energy efficiency and the cost.

Next, we will see each of them in greater detail:

industrial agitators for chemicals
  • Purpose of the agitator: The first step is to determine the purpose of the agitator. Will it be used to mix liquids, to suspend solids, to heat or cool a solution, or to dissolve solids?

  • Liquid properties: Liquid properties, such as viscosity, density, thermal conductivity, and other factors, are important when choosing a stirrer.

  • Size and capacity: It is essential to consider the size of the mixing tank and the mixing capacity required to decide a suitable sized agitator.

  • Type of agitator: There are several types of agitators available, including propeller agitators, vane agitators, magnetic stirrers and turbine agitators, among others. Each type of agitator is suitable for different applications and properties of the liquid.

  • Speed and Control: Speed and control are important factors to consider when choosing an industrial agitator. Is a constant or variable speed required? Is programmable or manual speed control required? Do I need to shake in minimum volumes?

  • Energy efficiency: Energy efficiency is another important factor to consider, especially if large amounts of liquid are mixed or if precise temperature control is required. A correct speed and degree of agitation will maximize performance and improve efficiency.

  • Cost: Cost is another factor to consider when choosing an industrial agitator, although it’s a good idea to remember that a low-cost agitator may not be the best option eventually if it doesn’t meet your specific needs or requirements. Depending on the working conditions and use, the design must be adapted to them.

It is important to consult a trusted provider with InoxMIM experience to determine the best type of agitator according to your needs and to help evaluate the options available.

Industrial agitators for painting: a case requiring special consideration

When it comes to a particular industry such as painting, there are a few factors that should be considered, according to its characteristics:

  • 1. Type of paint. It is important to differentiate the type of paint that will be produced, since the most recommended agitation system differs from it, since the viscosity and the components vary considerably.

  • 2. Dissolving power of pigments. If we talk about production, agitators with high shear power are required to dissolve the pigments that give colour, as well as a high degree of agitation for a great homogenization of the mixture.

  • 3. Types of particular pigments. There are certain metallic pigments that require the use of colloidal mills and other elements for their rupture and dissolution. In InoxMIM we provide agitators with direct motor type VMD, for the preparation and dissolution of pigments and GFL agitators for maintenance and homogenization.

industrial agitators for chemicals

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