Industrial emulsion models and systems designed by our technicians

As a cosmetic machine manufacturer, in this post we would like to identify the differences between the different models and systems of industrial emulsion for cosmetic creams that we manufacture and market at InoxMIM.

There are three types of emulsion systems for manufacturing these products; they can be installed depending on the size of the tank, the product characteristics, or the production methodology used.

Emulsifiers for cosmetic creams

  • Vertical (EMV)

  • In-line (EML) operation with recirculation
  • Bottom-entry (EMF with its variants)

They are usually combined with a fairly complex agitation system, depending on the tank and products.

Vertical emulsifier for cosmetic creams

emulsionador industrial para cremas cosméticas

We strongly recommend a vertical emulsifier if there is not much space at the bottom of the tank. This usually applies to smaller tanks; likewise, it’s useful when we are manufacturing light creams that do not contain deposit-prone components and that do not require a high degree of additional agitation.

In-line emulsifier for the cosmetic industry EML

Installing an in-line emulsifier is another option when there is not enough room in the tank.

This equipment can be used for preparation by recirculating the product back to the reactor; or as a final phase of product conditioning after packaging. Its position facilitates joint operation with a positive displacement pump, in the event of more viscous procedures.

It also facilitates the use of multi-toothed heads for greater product shearing, along with a considerable production time reduction.

Emulsionador para cremas EML

Cosmetic reactor with in-line emulsifier for product recirculation and release.

Emulsionadores de fondo

Cosmetic industry reactor with counter rotation agitator and bottom-entry emulsifier with recirculation and EMFLT solid loading hopper.

Bottom-entry emulsifiers

Finally, there are the bottom-entry emulsifiers. These are used to produce cosmetic creams, since their positioning facilitates production of products with a high solid and viscosity load.

Moreover, they tend to have a smaller cleaning surface, which substantially simplifies sanitisation.

Please note that this equipment can be combined with a pump body (EMFL), which allows the same unit installed at the bottom to pump the product back into the tank, thus optimising the mixing time.

Emulsionadores para cremas cosméticas

It is important to note that a hopper can be incorporated into the vacuum reactors to suck the solids directly onto the rotor-stator, facilitating their integration.

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