What is an industrial agitator?

An industrial agitator is a tool that relies on agitation to mix low-intensity liquids or solids added to a mixture.

The main functions of industrial agitators can be maintenance, homogenization, heat exchange, dissolution, or dispersion.

Industrial agitator characteristics

Nowadays exists various types of agitators with different features. One of the most common ways of grouping them is as follows:

Turbine type industrial agitators

They produce a high radial flow. As a result, they are widely used for all types of mixtures, especially those requiring the handling of liquids or gases with varying viscosities, as well as fluid reactions.

características agitador industrial

Propeller-type industrial agitators

They have a high performance in simple mixing jobs. Their function is to mix medium and low viscosity fluids, while also improving the uniformity of mixtures.

características agitador industrial

Paddle type industrial agitators

They have a simple structure. They are used for jobs that demand a uniform laminar fluid. Furthermore, they are excellent for low speed and for the implementation of high power mixing.

características agitador industrial

Best models of industrial agitators

Highly efficient industrial agitators are manufactured and distributed in Spain. For example, in our company, INOXMIM, we manufacture high-quality agitators for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, capable of adapting completely to the needs of all these industries. Some of our main models:

MD/MDN Vertical Stirrers

Basic, very compact, with high-performance and low weight. Their main use is in the preparation of reagents in small volume tanks. The high rotational speed of the impeller means that they are used in the water treatment sector for dissolution, homogenization, and agitation of mixtures.

SB/SBR/SBN Vertical Stirrers 

They have a direct motor, guide tower and support clamp. Their design makes them perfect for agitation in open tanks, for the dispersion of reagents, for the dispersion of powders and for the maintenance of mixtures. They are used in small volume tanks for water treatment and in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries.

características agitador industrial
características agitador industrial

VAI/VSI/VDI/VSIN Vertical Stirrers 

Its reinforced turret system extends the life of the motor, guarantees the robustness of the equipment and provides a high agitation capacity. It is ideal for dissolving solid products, dispersing reagents, agitating dosing tanks and maintaining mixtures.

Vertical Stirrers VMD/VMR

They have a direct motor / motor reducer and a guiding tower. Their variety of impeller elements allows them to work with highly viscous products, with a tendency to form lumps or difficult to mix. They are designed to be used in medium volume tanks, where they efficiently perform dissolutions, product maintenance, reagent mixtures, etc.

características agitador industrial
características agitador industrial

IBC Vertical Stirrer  

They have a coaxial geared motor. They stand out in the industry for their high-performance and low cost. They have a variety of sizes and types of propellers that provide the equipment with a wide range of speeds to select from.

VCI/VCIN Vertical Stirrers

They are agitators with worm gear reducer. They have a simple and compact design that gives them very low acquisition costs. They are used in many industries, but especially in the dairy sector.

características agitador industrial
características agitador industrial

GFL/GFLE Vertical Stirrers

Thanks to their many drive element configurations, they can be adapted to the requirements of each system. Thus, they stand out due to their wide range of applicability. They are essential equipment in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries.

TANDEM Vertical Stirrer

They also have a wide range of applicability. They are useful for working with products such as creams, liqueurs, juices, colognes, etc. Their basic operations include the agitation of mixtures, homogenizations, thermal exchanges and chemical reactions.

características agitador industrial

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