High quality agitators for a mixing tank

At InoxMIM, we are leaders in the innovation, manufacturing and development of stirring and mixing systems for various sectors, ranging from the food industry to pharmaceuticals, including chemicals and cosmetics.

Industrial agitators, more than just equipment, are fundamental pillars in the daily operations of numerous facilities that handle liquid processing tanks or tanks. Its function goes beyond simply stirring.

At the heart of these tanks, agitators generate a strategic rotary movement that facilitates and optimizes a series of physical processes. This controlled agitation allows, among other things, the homogenization of solutions, the dispersion of different components and the acceleration of chemical reactions.

Our extensive experience ensures not only superior performance, but also unparalleled durability and efficiency, providing our customers with the most advanced and reliable solutions on the market.

Most common applications of agitators in a mixing tank

  • Combining Mixable Liquids: Agitators are essential when it comes to combining liquids that have the ability to mix with each other. They facilitate the homogeneous union of the components and ensure uniform consistency throughout the tank.

  • Dissolution of a gas in a liquid: In certain industrial processes, it is necessary to incorporate gases into liquids. The agitators ensure that this gas is efficiently dispersed and dissolved in the liquid, creating a balanced solution.

  • Miscellaneous non-mixable liquids: Some liquids, due to their properties, do not mix naturally. In these cases, agitators are used to create a temporary emulsion, where one liquid remains dispersed in another.

  • Diffusion and separation of non-miscible liquids: Beyond simply mixing, agitators can help separate liquids that are not miscible, facilitating decanting or extraction operations.

  • Support for heat transfer between a liquid and a heat exchange surface: In processes where liquids are required to be heated or cooled, agitators ensure a constant flow of the liquid around the heat exchange surface, optimizing heat transfer.

  • Suspension, size reduction and separation of solid particles in a liquid: Agitators prevent the sedimentation of solid particles, keeping them suspended in the liquid. Additionally, they can help reduce the size of these particles to achieve a desired consistency.

  • Dissolving a solid in liquid: Whether sugar in water or a salt in a solvent, stirrers facilitate the rapid and complete dissolution of solids in liquids, creating homogeneous solutions.

  • Reduction in the size of accumulated particles: Sometimes, suspended particles can agglomerate and form larger conglomerates. Agitators can break up these clumps, distributing the particles evenly in the liquid.

  • Reduce the drop size of coalescing liquids: In processes where an emulsion is formed, such as oil in water, agitators help reduce the size of the droplets of the dispersed liquid, achieving more stable emulsions with specific characteristics.

  • If you want to see all our industrial agitators, you just have to click on this link, and you will see the specific models that we can offer you.

Propulsion, speed and turbulence: main characteristics of our agitation options

The main characteristics of our agitators are:

  • Our agitators contain a propeller or impellers at the end, as well as along a shaft, which must be placed in the center of the tank, in a biased or peripheral manner. An agitated tank may contain one, two or more shafts. Each of them can have one, two or more propellers.

  • Speed ​​is a basic element for good operation and to achieve the desired results. This characteristic can be achieved to a greater or lesser extent depending on what you want to mix mainly. If you want to combine two low-viscosity mixable liquids, it does not require as much effort as if you want to disperse a higher-viscosity liquid.

  • If you want to combine two low-viscosity mixable liquids, it does not require as much effort as if you want to disperse a higher-viscosity liquid. It must be taken into account that for the design of mixing equipment a certain circulation Reynolds is required depending on whether it is maintenance, homogenization, dispersion or violent agitation.

agitation options in a mixing tank

Our agitator models according to the industrial application

We have a technical department called AGITMIM and is in charge of all issues related to the research and development of new agitation and mixing systems and technologies.

Types of industrial agitators

agitation options in a mixing tank
agitation options in a mixing tank
  • Vertical agitators:we have a wide range of vertical agitators, which allow us to cover all currently existing applications within the food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical industry.

  • Side agitators: these types of agitators play a fundamental role in the homogenization and maintenance of products. Our agitation and mixing department has designed different models to satisfy the degree of agitation required in each current industrial process.

  • Blenders:our mixers are especially suitable for the preparation of brines, milk reconstruction, syrup production… The design of the impeller and the aspiration system have been designed to offer homogeneous mixtures of powder and granulated product with a base liquid, guaranteeing the best possible results.

  • Emulsifiers: The design of the different heads and impellers allows us to provide solutions for the vast majority of systems and volumes. With the high degree of shear of the heads – slotted, screened or drilled – it always guarantees excellent results.

  • Supports and elevators: we also design mobile or fixed lifting and agitation systems, to achieve the same degree of homogenization at all levels of the tank.

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