The most common machines for the food industry in Mexico: pumps for the transfer of fluids and the treatment of high-viscosity products

Pumps are usually used for the transfer of fluids in most production processes within the food industry in Mexico. Without a doubt, two of the most suitable pumps for this industry and for this type of process are the FL50CI and FLUID models from our catalogue.

In both cases we are looking at centrifugal pumps characterised for the high quality of their components and their processes, as well as the high degree of hygiene they can offer.

food machinery Mexico

FL50CI Model

food machinery Mexico

FL-ERB Model

If you have to work with products that have viscosities exceeding 500 cP, we always recommend the use of positive displacement pumps like FL–ERB or FL–PRL–lobe models especially designed to pump liquids with these specific characteristics–.

The first model of pump is specifically made for pumping fluids that require special care in their transfer, which is very common in the food industry.

Meanwhile, we have manufactured the second model exclusively for pumping viscous liquids, guaranteeing this process is carried out with the best quality possible, a high energy efficiency, a high degree of safety and the best performance offered today on the market of this type of pumps.

food machinery Mexico

FL–PRL Model

Industrial agitators for production plants in the food sector in Mexico

To work in preparation tanks, using VMD type  fast agitators is the most common for solutions, homogenisations and neutralisations for small and medium size tanks, with capacities that range between 500 and 2000 litres.

These agitators incorporate a sealing system using a seal that provides a high agitation capacity and exceptional performance- this is also thanks to its guiding turret and its comprehensive half shaft transmission system-. 

Their strengths and characteristics enable the use of a wide range of driving elements, and can work with highly viscous products, with the tendency to form lumps or that are difficult to mix.

This makes them very common agitators in the food sector, in all plants that make dilutions, solutions, reagent mixtures, product maintenance…

food machinery Mexico

Some of the main applications of VMD type agitators

  • Dissolving sugar (in milk, wine, juices, etc.), cocoa powder, reagents, salted water, calcium hydroxide, etc.

  • Dilution of pigments, additives, colourings…

  • Preparation of sodium/calcium hypochlorite, thickening agents, adhesives, syrups, gels, creams, spirits…

  • Bitumen emulsion

  • Chopping fruit and vegetables

  • Mixing and maintenance of acid, alkaline of corrosive products.

For larger tanks, vertical agitators operated by a gear motor are usually used, such as, for example, the IBC model.

The factor that characterises and makes the difference with these industrial agitators, whilst also guaranteeing their exceptional performance, lies in the wide range of sizes and types of propeller that they can use.  On the other hand, they have a coaxial gear motor that enjoys a wide range of speeds.

Furthermore, both the level of finish and their design have been created to maintain safe operating conditions and with a high degree of hygiene at all times.

Thanks to all of these characteristics, they are perfect machines for dilutions, solutions, product maintenance, suspensions, homogenisations of chemical products, thermal homogenisations… 

We finish by emphasising that for more complex preparations, a TANDEM type counter-rotating motor may be required or even one of our vertical, bottom entry or in-line emulsifiers  (EM, EMF or EML) for a greater shear and homogenisation of the final mixture. 

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