Characteristics of non-thermal food processing within the food industry

The most common processes within the food industry are capable of offering safe products, but it is also true that, often, with the usual thermal processing methods, the quality of the foods is reduced in comparison to the same non-processed foods.

On this basis, scientists and engineers of processes started to research other methods from a technological point of view or, in other words, non-thermal food processing techniques arose.

These consist of carrying out processes that do not use heat or increases in temperature as a main element of processing to remove microbial organisms. 

Today’s engineering, technology and machinery in relation to “non-thermal” processes have, over time, gained a higher profile and have been incorporated into food processing lines.

All of these technologies have advantages and disadvantages, and none of them are able to process all foods. However, the safety they offer, the quality of the final product and their reasonable and highly competitive costs, make them a very attractive option to the detriment of traditional processes and machines. 

As if that wasn’t enough, these non-thermal technologies can be used in isolation or along with other methods, which increases the quality of the products even further and reduces the processing time.

Contemporary non-thermal technologies that have opened up new paths for consumers and for the process industry

Regardless of the fact that thermal processes can be used in conjunction with other non-thermal ones to increase efficiency or the quality of the products, the great advantage of non-thermal processes resides in the fact that they work at room temperature and with very short times, always maintaining both the organoleptic properties and freshness of the foods. 

At present, different lines of research are open and being worked on, which include light, sound, pressure and electromagnetic radiation. 

Cold pasteurisation: general characteristics and results

As specialists in manufacturing industrial machinery to pasteurise foods, we would like to demonstrate the general characteristics of the innovative cold pasteurisation technology. 

In the cold pasteurisation process, foods are treated using high hydrostatic pressure. With it, they are preserved without added chemicals whilst also removing all of the pathogens and bacteria they may contain. This is achieved without having to increase the heat, working at room temperature, without the product in question being altered from a chemical or organoleptic point of view.

But…what does a processing method that works using hydrostatic pressure consist of?

High hydrostatic pressure (HHP) is a very new technology which is starting to become commonplace in the food industry, given that it offers to possibility of removing all of the pathogens from the treated product, without it losing its properties in all senses: nutritional, chemical, organoleptic…

It even allows products to be improved, extending their use life without using additives or preservatives of any type. 

This increasingly popular method provides fantastic results in the processing of foods and products considered high risk -Listeria, E. coli, Salmonella…- and is already used in countries with strict food laws such as Japan, the European Union or the United States. 

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