Machinery designed to optimise agitation and mixing processes within the chemical industry

Within our range of agitation machines especially designed for the chemical industry, the first one we would like to present and highlight is the GFL / GFLE agitator because of its multiple applications within this sector.

This type of agitator has been designed to offer an exceptional work performance; they work using a parallel geared motor which allows them to work at low rotation speeds, a factor that enables agitator components to be used with a blade with a large surface area, and this is what guarantees their excellent performance.

Apart from their large agitation capacity, these models are characterised for their broad applicability, thanks to their long list of configurations of driving elements available as standard.

list of machinery for the chemical industry

The different configurations used are:


  • One or several levels of blades

  • Combination of different types of drivers

  • Lower anchor with tripod guide

  • Top anchor with turret or lantern to house the sealing system

  • Half shaft on flange plate and shaft on multiple parts

They are very common in the chemical sector and are usually used in the homogenisation and agitation in medium and large volume tanks.

List of machinery for the chemical industry: VAI agitators, ideal for the preparation of reagents

These agitators are characterised by their guiding turret system, a factor that extends the life of the motor considerably, as well as enabling a greater length of the shaft.

They also have a half-shaft which transfers the tensile stress generated by the motor to the shaft, at the same time as having a turret guide system using a seal, which guarantees both the robustness of the machine and a high agitation capacity.

As with the previous machine, this is also characterised by the simplicity of all of its parts and for not requiring large maintenance tasks. 

These agitators are very common in the chemical industry for the agitation of dosing tanks- with capacities that range from 50 to 1000 l-, the dispersion of reagents, the maintenance of mixtures and dissolving solid products.

list of machinery for the chemical industry
list of machinery for the chemical industry

Coming to an end, we would also like to highlight that within this industry, industrial centrifugal pumps are very common, such as our FL31CI model, especially designed for the transfer of non-aggressive products, as well as for hot or cold water services.

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As manufacturers of machines for the chemical industry, we know that this type of machinery involves a considerable investment and all investments can raise specific queries or questions in order to avoid making mistakes.

It is highly recommended that you know exactly what applications each type and model of agitator or pump can cover in order to find out which one will best suit the needs of each production line. 

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