We are your distributor of vertical agitators with reference jaw

If you are looking for distributors of vertical calipers with jaw, you are in the right place. To meet the needs of superior quality agitators, at InoxMIM we have a group of engineers who are experts in the latest technologies in agitation and mixing systems.

We have available lines of vertical agitators, side agitators, blenders, vertical or bottom emulsifiers, micronizers, etc. All of them with a design capable of exceeding the expectations of our customers and adapting to the needs of each client without losing the quality that characterizes us.

In addition, over the years, we have been able to develop solutions for sealing and thus ensure a good seal, which is important in the food industry. We can also adapt to the needs of our customers, since we design special equipment adapted to the client’s needs, which makes us at the forefront of the food industry in Europe and Mexico.

Small industrial vertical agitators with jaw

Occasionally, it is not necessary to buy a large agitator, so below we recommend some of our smaller agitators, so you can know a little more about their performance.

First, as distributors of vertical calipers with jaw, we want to introduce you to our SB model. This agitator is characterized by providing a high degree of agitation in small volume tanks.

Its design is simple and compact and has a jaw anchoring system, which makes it an excellent option for stirring substances in open tanks, for the dispersion of powders and reagents and even for the maintenance of mixtures.

The degree of sanitation offered by the SB model is very high and, for this reason, it can be used in chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

distribuidores de agitadores verticales con mordaza

Other small industrial vertical agitators

distribuidores de agitadores verticales con mordaza

Vertical industrial agitator TANDEM

These agitators are characterized by their wide application range and high agitation capacity.

It is thanks to the multiple configurations of impellers that they can use and that allow these versatile agitators to adapt to the requirements of each system, which makes them essential equipment in many types of industries.

The TANDEM model is suitable for working with products such as liqueurs, juices, gazpachos, dairy products… It is used to perform dissolution, homogenization and agitation operations, as well as thermal exchanges, chemical reactions, etc.

Vertical industrial mixer TURBINE

The TURBINE model has been designed to mix products that require a low degree of fractionation or in those processes in which it is necessary to obtain a completely homogeneous result.

TURBINE has a high turbine rotation speed. The characteristics of this mixer prevent the rotation of the contents of the tank, in addition to homogenizing, mixing or dissolving, something that is achieved thanks to its design. In addition, they are designed to increase the pumping capacity of the mixer, reaching effective mixtures in small and medium containers without the need to use baffles.

Its anchoring system, together with the sealing system by mechanical sealing, allows this equipment to be installed in nitrogen tanks, with positive pressures and vacuum.

They are perfect mixers for dispersing, suspending, homogenizing, emulsifying, dissolving or crystallizing.

distribuidores de agitadores verticales con mordaza

Vertical industrial agitator GFL and GFLE

distribuidores de agitadores verticales con mordaza

GFL vertical agitators are driven by a parallel gear geared motor.  It works at low rotation speeds and that allows the use of agitator elements of large blade surface, achieving high work performance.

These agitators are characterized by their wide range of applicability and high agitation capacity. They can be adapted to any type of system, which makes them essential equipment in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

In the food sector they are usually used in the preparation of dairy desserts, manufacture of cream for liqueurs, juices, gazpachos, chocolate, etc. In the chemical sector, on the other hand, they are applied in homogenization and agitation in medium and large volume tanks.

And in the pharmaceutical industry it is commonly used in: homogenizations, temperature exchange, mixtures, and suspensions for products in tablets, solutions, or creams.

These stirrers are used in the cosmetic industry for the manufacture of soaps, colognes, or gels. They are also applied in homogenizations, temperature exchange, mixtures, and suspensions.

InoxMIM: we are the trusted distributors you are looking for

InoxMIM agitators generally guarantee exceptional performance thanks to their stress turret and half-shaft drive system. Our agitators can be used in a wide range of driving elements, being able to work with products with a tendency to create lumps.

If you wish, the InoxMIM technical team will study the requirements of your production plant and will not only make it take a leap forward, but will help you achieve the well-being and satisfaction of your customers because your products will be the best on the market.