Wastewater from the food industry consists, on the one hand, of the water used in the food processing and washing, and on the other, of that used to clean the tools and equipment used in the different industrial processes.

What is wastewater treatment?

Tratamiento de aguas residuales

This consists of a variety of chemical, physical and biological processes that make it possible for the water to be reused. The main objective of the treatment is to eliminate all waste and contaminants that the water may have contracted in previous stages.

Wastewater processes

System for regulating the inflow into a wastewater treatment system.

This involves filtering the water with 1 to 5 mm meshes.

Process by which all the cloudy particles of the water are grouped together to be removed afterwards

This depends on the chemical properties of the contaminants that the water has.

This consists of the use of biochemical reactions for the elimination of water-soluble contaminants.

This consists of eliminating the solid particles in suspension in the wastewater and depends on the physical properties of the contaminant.

Tratamiento de aguas residuales

Why should we submit our wastewater to these processes?

As already mentioned, treated water can be reused in industrial processes. As a result, production costs will be lower, and this is always an important factor to take into account. This water can be reused for livestock, agriculture or gardening without any problem. Also, and provided that it has been treated using the appropriate methods, it can be used for human consumption.

Furthermore, during the wastewater treatment process, a large amount of biogas is generated that can be reused as fertilizer, fuel, or to generate electricity.

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