InoxMiM designs industrial machinery for restaurants with heavy work loads and large workshops

At InoxMIM we also develop industrial machinery for catering, designed to optimise both production times and products, for the production of sauces, ice cream or purées in restaurants with heavy workloads, large workshops and franchises in the food sector.

The progressive and constant increase in the consumption of purées, soups and vegetable juices in today’s society has made innovation necessary and indispensable to improve food production processes when it comes to efficiency and profitability. At INOXMIM we propose solutions to these processes by designing industrial equipment and machinery for restaurants, combining cooking and homogenisation processes to obtain the most desirable textures on the market.

In today’s gastronomy, never forgetting to treat the product with the utmost delicacy, making sure to equip all our machinery with CIP cleaning and hygiene systems.

maquinaria industrial para restauración

Highly qualified engineers and test facilites to minimise errors

Thanks to our team of skilled engineers and technicians, we work with state-of-the-art software that works through parametric and fluid simulation programs, a factor that always guarantees that we find the best solution to improve your food production lines.

You will also be interested to know that we have a test facility to carry out all kinds of scalability tests to assess the viability of production a priori, minimising errors and unnecessary losses.

Industrial catering machinery developed by the experts at InoxMIM

Over the years, we have developed various lines of specific machinery for all types of food processing:

  • Special blenders for dissolving sugars in food products, as well as the preparation of brines and syrups. They can also be used to incorporate additives, colorants, aromas…
  • Specific industrial equipment for the production of sauces, purees, creams …
  • Systems and machinery for the industrial production of juices and beverages: homogenisation and mixing equipment, pumping systems, heat exchange systems, product recovery …
  • Hygiene and CIP cleaning equipment.
  • All kinds of industrial machinery accessories for restaurants.

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