As an industrial engineering company, we can help you in many different ways. One of our specialties is technical and logistic consulting on specific industrial processes, within the food or cosmetic sector.

We have an expert team of engineers working with state-of-the-art software and management systems, thus ensuring that they will always find the very best solution for both your needs and your budget.  In the field of cosmetics, we have advised numerous companies on the development of products as varied as shampoos, gels, moisturisers, facial regenerators or sun creams. We specialise in designing complex agitation and mixing systems, making the best decision at every stage and ensuring the success of the industrial process.

Industrial engineering experts

Need a technical report? No problem…

Our industrial engineering department will produce a detailed technical report of the best solution for your project or problem. Since its inception, InoxMIM has offered direct support and complete advice in industrial projects of various types.

We will conduct all the necessary tests until we find the ideal solution

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In our facilities we have a test laboratory where we carry out all the necessary tests and make full use of its compounds until we find what you need and thus ensure both the viability of your project and the manufacture of your products. This is the benefit of working with bone fide industrial engineering professionals.

Manufacturers of industrial engineering machinery

In conclusion, as your industrial engineering company…

We will advise you in the best way on all aspects that fall within our expertise: optimising the performance of your equipment, the development of new facilities or the planning of your own processing plant. We are passionate about our work and it is an exciting challenge for us being tasked with finding the perfect solution to all the problems that arise in industry in the day-to-day. That is our raison d’être.

If you require further information or want to request a quote, don’t hesitate to call us or fill out the form provided on this website, completely obligation-free.  That all said… What exactly is it that you need?

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Since its humble beginnings in 1997, INOXMIM has always been heavily involved in the development and manufacture of industrial machinery. The pumping, agitation, mixing and fluid delivery systems that we manufacture have enabled us to meet the needs of our customers on a continual basis.

Through constant innovation and development, INOXMIM is able to provide complete solutions for most processes, whilst satisfying the most demanding industry requirements.

We are your ideal professional partner with a long history and a vast amount of experience.