Whether everything goes perfectly on an industrial production line or in a specific industry depends on many factors, among which the quality and condition of machinery used stands out.

In addition, it’s very important that this machinery works inder the stipulated safety and production parameters establised by current legislation.

With a view to optimizing the performance and lengthening the useful ife of the machines, in this sense, we will explain how to carry out preventive maintenance on a centrifugal pump. This will ensure optimal performance and substantial savings for your company.

Preventive maintenance of a centrifugal pump

What points should you focus on in preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance of a centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pumps, despite the importance of the tasks they usually perform within the industry, are characterized by having simple components that do not require major maintenance tasks. 

In this context, the goal of preventive maintenance must be to extend the useful life of the machines, so they can continue to offer excellent performance in any circumstance.

For this reason, it’s essential to periodically review the packing and mechanical seals found in the pumps, in order to verify if they have any leaks that could affect the rest of the machinery.

For this purpose, preventive maintenance must guarantee a series of functional aspects are fully met, especially in terms of temperature fluctuations and the energy that this mechanisms spend.

The operating temperature of centrifugal pumps provides insight into their overall condition. As long as it’s higher, pressure fluctuations and vibrations can occur that denote a consequent wear on the pump. 

 On the other hand, vibrations can affect the alignment problems of the centrifugal pump, reducing its performance and becoming a potential rik for the rest of the industrial equipment. The valves of these pumps can be affected and create signs of cavitation that deteriorate their interior and connections. Likewise, preventive maintenance must also identify possible oil leaks that may exist in the system.

How often should it be done?

Beyond be preventive, maintenance can also be predictive. The joint  application of these approaches to maintain the good contition of centrifugal pumps leads to better optimization plans. With this in mind, prevention models can be classified as follows:

  • Critical maintenance

  • Essential maintenance

  • Non-essential maintenance

  • Others

In general, the first maintenance should be carried out after 200 hours of operation, and a posteriori, 2000 hours could be counted until the next one. Despite this, you must have a team to deal with emergencies, as it’s the most recommended in the industrial field.

Why is preventive maintenance important?

As with any type of machinery, time and use constitute a source of wear on its mechanisms, which ultimately end up having a negative impact on their performance of industrial production systems. 

For example, a vehicle requires check-ups from time to time to verify that its essential functions are in good condition and to repair certain defects that appear after a period of use. 

In case of centrifugal pumps, it’s very similar, and could well be considered as something more strategic, since these are tremendously valuable machines for the industry, due to their work as hydraulic energy generations. At the same time, the effective handling of the fluids they are capable of performing requires these maintenance tasks on a regular basis, to always guarantee the best results.

Each organization must operate according to its estimates of time and resources before carrying out preventive maintenance, so it’s crucial to have an agenda in which the periodic review parameters are established. 

As specialists in the design, manufacture and development of centrifugal pumps, at InoxMIM we have the necessary experience to advise you, not only during the process of acquiring industrial equipment, but also with the recommended parameters to carry out doubts you may have about the preventive maintenance of your centrifugal pump.

mantenimiento preventivo de una bomba centrífuga

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