What do we mean by personal hygiene products?

Personal hygiene products are products that have been manufactured in the cosmetics industry, but do not carry the legal classification of cosmetics, which we use to clean ourselves in our daily lives. They are intended for use on the skin, hair, or teeth. Despite the fact that everyone is familiar with many of them, we wanted to write this short article with four basic guidelines and interesting information about these types of products.  Here at InoxMIM, we offer solutions or applications for the cosmetics industry and we therefore know them inside out.

productos de higiene personal

What are the most common personal hygiene products?

  • Desodorants: special substance to combat the bad odours that our armpits emit due to perspiration.  If it does not come in spray form, it should not be shared under any circumstances.

  • Brush and toothpaste: these are the utensil and paste that we use to brush our teeth. It is basic common sense not to share it.

  • Soaps: this is a sodium or potassium salt resulting from a specific chemical reaction, saponification (mixture of an alkali and a lipid). It can be found in a bar, powder, cream or liquid form.

  • Make-up: cosmetic products designed to improve our facial or body appearance: nail polish, lipstick, brushes, facial creams, eye-liners etc. They are for individual use as they are in continuous contact with the skin.

  • Shampoos: these are specific soaps used to clean our hair.

  • Colognes and lacquers: these are substances obtained through chemical processes and reactions that allow us to smell better and fix our hair in place.

Productos de higiene personal

How InoxMIM can help you in the cosmetics industry?

Productos de higiene personal

We specialise in designing, testing and assembling product manufacturing units for cosmetic creams. Contact us and we will offer you all kinds of advice and information depending on your project or your needs. We have been developing technology for the personal care and hygiene, cosmetics and beauty industry for years. We supply equipment designed for the industrial production of: shampoos, gels, sun creams, moisturisers, soaps, make-up, facial regenerators and so on.

Call us now and optimise your industrial processes with the best professionals in the sector and the most advanced equipment on the market.

Since its humble beginnings in 1997, INOXMIM has always been heavily involved in the development and manufacture of industrial machinery. The pumping, agitation, mixing and fluid delivery systems that we manufacture have enabled us to meet the needs of our customers on a continual basis.

Through constant innovation and development, INOXMIM is able to provide complete solutions for most processes, whilst satisfying the most demanding industry requirements.

We are your ideal professional partner with a long history and a vast amount of experience.