Elaboración de cremas y champús

Specialised manufacturing processes for cream and shampoo production

The cosmetics industry is booming. The demand for this type of product by the female public has always been high, but in recent years, we are seeing consumption grow rapidly among men. Technological advances in new industrial production equipment are making today’s cosmetic products both more effective and targeted at each type of user, even making it much healthier for our bodies. At InoxMIM we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing specialised machinery for cream and shampoo production.

Production facilities and mobile equipment for the cosmetic industry

We use state of the art mixing technology, specially designed for the production of shampoos, gels, conditioners, dyes, waxes…

We have a specific line of hygienic production solutions to design and produce liquid and semi-solid products. You can choose between standalone units or complete product lines , depending on your production line or company requirements.

We have experience in standard mixing, agitation and homogenisation, providing direct and tailored treatment to each and every client. Each process is individually designed to meet the requirements for its specific industrial application.

Equipment designed by InoxMIM

  • Compact reactors with built-in emulsifying recirculation system for creams and gels
  • Compact reactor with automatic regulation system
  • Portable reactor with electric heating system
  • Portable Reactor with casing
  • Small 50 litre recirculation reactor
  • Cream preparation reactor/Compact reactor with automatic regulation system
Elaboración de cremas y champús cosméticos

What does the Spanish government require in terms of cosmetic production facilities?

  • Obviously, there must be an industrial facility to manufacture products, and it must have the appropriate equipment for the production, control and optimal cosmetic preservation. Simply contact us if you have any questions regarding this matter.

  • All facilities that produce this type of product are obliged to hire a responsible technician or engineer with the relevant university degree proving knowledge of these skills.

  • All personnel working in the facility must receive adequate training in each and every stage of the process: manufacturing, control, distribution …

  • The General Division of Health Products must grant a license certifying that everything is in order. Only then can the facility start making cosmetics.