At InoxMIM we design industrial machinery for the cosmetic industry

Maquinaria para producir cosméticos

For many years, InoxMIM has been committed to the research and development of new technologies and special machinery for the cosmetic industry. We have different chemical reactors designed to cater for all existing industry uses. Here are some examples:

Portable reactor with electric heating system

Portable agitation and mixing system with electric resistor heating. Can be used to manufacture oil- or water-based products that do not require vacuum production.

máquina para producir cremas cosméticas
máquina para producir cremas cosméticas

Portable reactor with cooling system

Ideal for manufacturing and maintaining products, especially those that do not require emulsion. The chiller cooling system lowers the temperature before packaging or if the product is sensitive to long term heat exposure.

Encased Portable Reactor

Designed for the preparation and maintenance of additives that will be subsequently added to production reactors.

Producción industrial de cosméticos
M´áquina industrial de producción cosmética

Compact reactor with automatic regulation system

Agitation and mixing system with automation and control designed for small batch production. This system has an in-line emulsifier and central agitation with anchor-ribbon used on high viscosity products.

Compact reactors with built-in emulsifying recirculation system for creams and gels

Complete system with central counter-rotating agitation, with COWLESS and ANCORA, as well as an EMFL bottom-entry emulsifier with a solids collection hopper. This unit is equipped with a thermal oil heating system and a vacuum module in order to obtain a perfectly smooth product and bubbles

Máquina para fabricar cosméticos

Complete and comprehensive solutions: industrial machines for cosmetic creams

We are passionate about optimising and improving the productivity of modern cosmetic facilities. All our equipment has been designed to meet the requirements and the long list of applications in today’s cosmetic industry. Thanks to our testing facilities, which help us minimise errors and examine the viability of each machine and process that leaves our factory, we can always guarantee optimal results.

We have comprehensive solutions, as well as the necessary advice and training to ensure that everything runs smoothly. As well as this, we provide direct assistance and technical advice for developing the hygiene, personal care, cosmetics and beauty industry, involving a wide range of products such as gels, shampoos, dyes, conditioners, sun creams, serums, moisturisers and anti-ageing creams…

Additionally, we can design tailor-made cosmetic machinery and facilities to suit each customer’s requirements.

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If you are not familiar with the sector, looking at these industrial machines for cosmetic creams production may be confusing. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like more detailed information about any of our industrial cosmetic equipment. Call us on (+34) 972 58 20 40; send an email to; or fill in the form that you can find by clicking this link. We aim to respond as soon as possible, and will not stop until we have found the ideal equipment and solution for optimising your cosmetics production line. That is our job!