If you are looking for “price pasteurization machine”, you should know that in InoxMIM we have many machines for industrial pasteurization. To accomplish this, we use the HTST-HIGH Temperature Short Time system, and we have electrical equipment and heat and cold generation systems.

At InoxMIM, we are specialists in the design and manufacture of equipment for the treatment of milk, so you can trust that with us, you will find the pasteurization machine at exceptional price and quality.

At InoxMIM, we are backed by a long history in the design of innovative solutions for the production of dairy products and derivatives. Currently, we have a presence in the European, Latin American, North African and Asian markets. 

What is pasteurization?

The pasteurization process is based on the application of heat on a product, to eliminate all types of pathogenic bacteria, as well as to reduce enzymatic activity. This acquires a particularly important value in the field of food, since all articles must be suitable for consumption and have the greatest possible durability.

However, pasteurization can also be used to modify or alter the properties of a particular item. This is the case, for example, of milk, when you want to get yogurt or cheese. This is obtained, precisely, from the denaturation of proteins, adding viscosity to the final product.

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Why is pasteurization so critical?

pasteurization machine price

Reaching the right temperature becomes essential when it comes to forming the last product that you would like to obtain. Thus, to simply eliminate pathogens, a regulation of between 70 and 95 degrees is chosen. In the case of wanting to get milk cream, from 95 you have to go down to 65. And, to remove the cream, it goes back to 95. If you want to produce cheeses or yogurts, you must increase the time of exposure to high temperatures as well as the output temperature of the product.

Similarly, hygiene must be rigorous. This is where CIP cleaning equipment, an advanced technology of machinery, comes into play in particular. Thanks to it, any type of contaminant that may exist disappears. In this way, optimal desserts of extraordinary quality are achieved.

Main pasteurization machines

Within a factory plant for pasteurization, we find, first, reception and sanitation units and then heat and cooling treatments. Furthermore, present are homogenizers, skimming and normalizing machinery, fermenters, cleaning stations and process controllers, which are just as important as the others.

Below, we share a brief description of the main pasteurization machines.

They are pasteurization equipment composed of metal plates that reduce many microorganisms. They are also prepared to keep the cold for at least 24 hours.

Subsequently, the milk should continue to be kept at a cold temperature. The heat exchangers, which work with plates or tubes, ensure that all the liquid is at the same temperature, hence the importance of opting for the HTST-HIGH method.

They are composed of different elements to homogenize milk. Thus, they have a control valve, a homogenization valve, an isolation area and a plunger. The first valve is conical, ideal for high-density products. The second can be subjected to a maximum pressure of 1000 bars.

They serve to remove the cream from the milk. To this end, the raw liquid, after prior cooking, is poured into truncated separators. In this way, the fat globules become independent of the milk.

They consist of a hatch to open and close, as well as a shirt for the circulation of hot water. The objective is the creation of fermented milk, which is used in the production of yogurts, cheeses, sour cream or butter. They allow both heating and cooling.

They are governed by the aforementioned CIP cleaning system and are used in numerous food facilities. They are composed of different tanks, filled with alkaline solutions, heated and sent sequentially.

They are usually placed on walls and are fully programmable. Through the viewfinders, the whole process can be controlled, while a pen marks the times. Moreover, from here the resistance is controlled.

Other InoxMIM machinery

In InoxMIM, we also have more machinery related to the production of dairy products. Thus, we have industrial centrifugal pumps. Although we also have a wide catalogue of helical pumps, progressive cavity, liquid ring, impeller, or gears.

Secondly, we offer a wide range of stirrers, which are used to mix different products (powder, sugar, whey, or cocoa) with milk. There are vertical, lateral, emulsifiers, or blenders. In all of them, both tightness and sealing are assured.

pasteurization machine price

In addition, we are always open to the particular needs of each client, so we work with him to get him a special agitation equipment, a specific lifting system or a joint mixing and pumping solution.

Do not hesitate to contact us to evacuate all inquiries about our pasteurization machines and their price. You can do so by phone at +34 972 58 20 40. You can also email inoxmim@inoxmim.com or take a moment of your time to fill out our form, we will be happy to assist you.