A versatile and widely used tool, the IBC industrial vertical agitator

IBC industrial vertical agitators are tools with high efficiency, a high degree of agitation and a very low cost.

The versatility of this equipment lies in the different sizes and types of propeller that can be used, in addition to the coaxial geared motor system, which allows a wide range of speed selection, always maintaining a high service factor.

The level of final finish, together with its innovative design, make it state-of-the-art equipment.

agitadores verticales industriales

What are the most common applications where an industrial vertical agitator is used? 

  • Dilutions, dilutions, and homogenizations

  • Product maintenance

  • Suspensions

  • Homogenization of chemicals

  • Thermal homogenization

Other features and characteristics 

It has a sanitary level of finish, IEC type anchoring flange and is effortless to assemble and disassemble. It can be fitted with reinforcement turrets, lifting systems, other anchoring flanges, a pneumatic motor, a control panel or a variable speed drive.

In short, the IBC industrial vertical agitator is a perfect solution for agitation and mixing processes in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

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Vertical agitator VCI / VCIN 

This is an agitator with an adjusted price, simple design, low maintenance and excellent results. It is very commonly used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry for mixing, maintaining and homogenizing products or suspensions.
It incorporates a worm gear motor and a sealing system with a seal; it is designed to be used with impellers with a large blade surface, achieving excellent application results.
Within the food industry, they cover a wide range of applications:
  • Homogenization of yoghurt, milk, pulps, oils…

  • Stirring processes in flocculation chambers, polyelectrochlorite preparation plants…

  • Thermal exchange

  • Maintenance and suspension of products: additives, cream, juices, bleeding, milk…

  • Dissolution of solids in liquids

  • Dilution of additives

It can also be complemented and customized with industrial, sanitary or food finishes, as well as with other components, such as a control panel, reinforcement turrets, seals with safety bumpers, a RIBBON type propeller for highly viscous products, viscous seals…

TANDEM vertical mixer 

From InoxMIM we wanted to end this post with our TANDEM agitator, as it allows the installation of several sealing systems, always according to the specific needs of each application.

Specifically, it can combine two different systems, one for low-pressure sealing and the other for high-pressure sealing, with different seals, whether they are single, dry rotating or double cartridge seals.

These agitators are characterized both by their wide range of applicability and by their high performance; they have a long list of configurations, being able to work with many base products: liquors, juices, gazpacho, dairy products, syrups, creams, gels, colognes, etc…

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