agitadores de hélice industriales

Industrial agitators are used in the chemical sector and downstream industries to ensure homogeneity of mixtures. The choice of the type of industrial agitator depends on the properties of the fluid we want to mix. Specifically, industrial propeller agitators are used in very large tanks to homogenize and promote heat change.

What is an Industrial Propeller Agitator?

It is an axial flow agitator that operates at high speed and is used for low viscous liquids. The propeller agitator is a stirrer that forces the liquid toward the walls and bottom of the pond. Operates at high and medium speeds (200 -1450 rpm). The smaller agitators rotate at full engine speed, about 1150 or 1750 rpm; the larger ones rotate from 400 to 800 rpm.

Flow streams leaving the agitator move through the liquid in a given direction until they are diverted by the bottom or walls of the tank.

agitadores de hélice industriales

The column of swirls of liquid of high turbulence that part of the agitator, drags in its movement to the stagnant liquid, generating an effect considerably greater than that which would be obtained by means of an equivalent column created by a stationary nozzle. The propeller blades cut or rub vigorously the liquid.

Due to the persistence of flow currents, propeller agitators are effective in large tanks. They are used for immiscible liquids, preparation of highly concentrated solutions, syrups, brines, emulsions.

What are the characteristics of industrial propeller agitators?

agitadores de hélice industriales
  • They have short blade drive elements (currently less than ¼ of the tank diameter).

  • They rotate at high speed (from 500 to several thousand r.p.m).

  • The propellers are not very effective if they are mounted on vertical axes located in the center of the mixing tank.

  • Both the radial and longitudinal components generally contribute to the mixing, but not always the rotary component.

  • The flow rate created in a reservoir by a propeller mixer has three components:

    • A radial component acting in a direction perpendicular to the axis.

    • A longitudinal component acting parallel to the axis. 

    • A rotatable component acting in a direction tangential to the axis of rotation circle.

What are the applications of industrial propeller agitators?

These agitators are very common in water treatment plants. They are also commonly used in the chemical industry, petrochemical, fuel and biodiesel industries, paint, varnish and dye industries, paper industry, wine, vegetable oils and distilleries, energy supply plants, mining, pharmaceutical and hygiene industry, surface treatment, among other sectors.


Specifically, the applications of industrial propeller agitators are:

  • Equalization in process ponds.

  • Preparation of chemical reagents, coagulant, caustic soda, quicklime, quenched lime, defoamers, nutrients, among others.

  • Preparation of salts, brines, emulsions, syrups.

  • Dispersion of solids, gases and phases not miscible in liquids.

  • The design of these agitators may consider holding towers, as well as lower shaft support, depending on the sizes to be projected. Depending on the length of the pond to be stirred, the incorporation of several impellers along the axis is considered.

What are the types of industrial propeller agitators?

  • Radial propeller agitators: The radial agitator consists of a propeller similar to a marine propeller. It has two or four blades that move in the form of a screw, pushing the material parallel to the axis for agitation.

  • Propeller Agitators: It is a high performance axial flow agitator consisting of three blades mounted on the main shaft. They are ideal for mixing low and medium viscosity fluids and improving uniformity. Propeller agitators are popular for simple mixing jobs.

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