Everything you need to know about industrial propeller agitators from InoxMIM

In InoxMIM we are manufacturers of industrial propeller agitators with extensive and extensive experience in the development of new systems, equipment and technologies, something important to consider if you have to make an investment in this type of industrial machinery.

We have a department specialized in all issues related to the R+D of new agitation and mixing systems and technologies, which aims to improve the industrial production processes of the different sectors with which we usually work.

Our engineers work with state-of-the-art management systems and software, which work through parametric and fluid generation programs. We always guarantee the best tailor-made solution for our customers, with special attention to the field of industrial propeller agitators, but with the possibility of choosing other types of equipment such as side agitators, blenders, emulsifiers, etc.

As manufacturers of industrial agitators, we can say that our equipment offers different sealing solutions to ensure a good seal, preventing leaks of product, gases and other problems that may compromise the products. We have acquired extensive knowledge and experience for the manufacture of systems that can work with vacuum, explosive atmospheres, overpressure…

On the other hand, according to the needs of each client, we can design special agitation equipment, lifting systems, integrated joint pumping and mixing solutions, CIP cleaning equipment, among many others, completely tailor-made. 

What industrial propeller agitators can you find in our catalogue?

Currently, at InoxMIM we have a wide variety of industrial propeller agitators, which can be used in the manufacturing processes of different industries, from cosmetics to food. 

The choice of agitator will depend on the needs of each factory and the functions you will need it to perform.

Industrial lateral liquid agitator LECOR/LMRE

These agitators provide a gentle treatment of the products, as they work at low revolutions per minute, giving an optimal circulation regime for greater heat exchange, which makes these equipments perfect for cooling and maintenance of products at low temperatures. They are perfect for mixing and maintaining products in medium and large capacity tanks.

industrial propeller agitators
industrial propeller agitators

LMD/LECO Lateral Industrial Liquid Agitator

The LMD/LECO agitator models are installed with the required inclination to obtain an optimal mixing regime, in the lower part of the tank. It is necessary to select with the same objective the type of propeller, the diameter and the length of the shaft. 

All of the above together with the sealing system on the shaft by mechanical closure allows these agitators to offer high performance and their durability is superior.

industrial propeller agitators
industrial propeller agitators

Industrial liquid agitator VCI and VCIN

They are equipped with a screw motor reducer together with a seal sealing system. Its agitation performance is great due to the large surface area of the impeller blades. 

We have developed the VCI and VCIN vertical agitators with a simple and compact design that provides significant agitation performance. Its acquisition cost is low and does not take up excessive space.  

industrial propeller agitators

VMD and VMR industrial liquid agitator

Due to the characteristics of VMD and VMR agitators, they can be used with a wide variety of impellers. This allows working with highly viscous products, with a tendency to form lumps or difficult to mix. These agitator models are capable of performing a wide variety of operations such as dilutions, solutions, mixtures of reagents, etc.

The objective of VMD and VMR agitators is to satisfy the requirements of agitation and homogenization in medium volume tanks (2000-15000 liters).

industrial propeller agitators
industrial propeller agitators
industrial propeller agitators

IBC Industrial Propeller Agitator

Its versatility lies in the different sizes and types of propeller that can be used. They also feature a coaxial gear motor system that allows a wide range of speed selection. Due to these characteristics, IBC agitators are widely used in industry thanks to their high efficiency, high degree of agitation and low cost.

The final finish level of the equipment together with its design satisfies the essential requirements to maintain safe operating conditions and with a high degree of sanitation if required.

GFL/GFLE Industrial Liquid Agitator

It is an agitator driven by a geared motor with parallel gears. It operates at low rotational speeds and allows large blade surface agitators to be used for very high working performance.

GFL/GFLE industrial liquid agitators have a wide range of applicability and also have considerable agitation capacity. The different configurations of the driving elements allow this type of machinery to adapt to the needs of each installation, so they are indispensable in a factory.

industrial propeller agitators

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