Catalog of industrial agitators: vertical, lateral and emulsifying. InoxMIM has lines of vertical, lateral and emulsifying agitators, all with a design that is capable of exceeding the expectations of any customer, as well as adapting to any type of application, whether for the food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical industry.

Over the years we have improved and solved the problems with sealing and now, in addition, we guarantee optimal sealing, something that is important to protect emulsions from external agents. We have the ability to adapt to the needs of our customers, designing special equipment for each need, which places us at the forefront in the field of agitation.

And it’s that our agitators are used in a wide range of driving elements, being able to work with products with a tendency to create lumps. 

Our industrial agitators have a very advanced sealing system and provide a great agitation capacity, as well as exceptional performance, thanks to its effort turret and semi-shaft transmission system. On the other hand, the level of finish of its design has been designed to achieve work in a safe and hygienic way in equal parts.

Types of vertical agitators

INOXMIM vertical agitators are capable of covering the different applications of each industrial sector, due to their special characteristics and configurations, which are adapted to the specific needs of our clients. 

 Currently, InoxMIM has the following models:

  • MD and MDN: they have been designed for the preparation of reagents in small volume tanks.

  • SB, SBR and SBN: Provide a high degree of agitation in small volume tanks.

  • VAI, VSI, VDI and VSIN: ideal shakers for reagent preparation.

  • VMD and VMR: they are capable of performing a wide variety of operations such as dilutions, dissolutions, reagent mixtures, product maintenance, etc.

  • IBC agitators: they are widely used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry thanks to their high efficiency, high degree of agitation and low cost.

  • VCI and VCIN: they are especially in the dairy sector.

  • GFL/GFLE agitators: they are characterized by their wide range of applicability and their great agitation capacity.

  • TANDEM agitators: the operations carried out by these teams are dissolution, homogenization and agitation of mixtures, thermal exchanges, chemical reactions, etc.

Types of lateral agitators

These are essential and special equipment for the good homogenization and maintenance of the products. At InoxMIM we have several models designed to cover the degree of agitation required in each industrial process, depending, of course, on the capacity of the tank and the product to be agitated:

  • LV Oenological Agitator: this equipment is widely used in the wine industry  due to its performance and performance coupled with portability.

  • LMDS Lateral Agitator: we have designed this compact size agitator that allows to homogenize tanks with small and medium volumes.

  • Lateral Agitator LMD/ LECO: specially indicated for the maintenance and mixing of products in medium and large volume tanks. Its characteristics allow the use in the chemical, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, in addition to water treatment.

  • Lateral agitators LECOR/LMRE: these equipments are suitable for cooling and keeping milk at low temperatures in isothermical tanks.

Industrial agitators catalogue

Types of emulsifiers

INOXMIM has designed its emulsifiers so they offer a high degree of homogenization, mixing and finishing. This is achieved thanks to the different heads and impellers, in addition, thanks to the high shear of the slotted, screened or drilled heads, we can say that we cover all the usual applications in each sector:

Industrial agitators catalogue
  • TURBINE mixer: it has been designed to mix products that require a Low shear rate in applications where a homogeneous result must be obtained.

  • EMV emulsifier: its sealing system allows work to be carried out in non-atmospheric conditions (overpressure and/or vacuum) without the need to use a cooled external mechanical seal.

  • EM emulsifier: with them a completely homogeneous product wihtout lumps is obtained in processes with medium volumes (5000 litres) and small ones.

  • EMF bottom emulsifier: the high degree of shear together with the different types of heads (perforated, slotted or screened) generate the ideal particle size to obtain stable emulsions and homogeneous mixtures.

  • EML/ EMLT in-line emulsifier: provide high emulsion grades, in addition to pumping the product thanks to the design of the heads and the impulsion turbines.

  • Micronizer: used for technical emulsions in multiple food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical processes, it’s thanks to its specific design, the high speed of rotation of the rotor and the installation of a double mechanical seal, that they provide excellent results in high-viscosity emulsions.

Choosing an industrial mixer is complicated if you don’t know the specific specifications or features of each model. 

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