A vertical agitator that enables special finishes for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector

With the IBC agitators, we are looking at a type of industrial machinery designed according to three clear factors: their high degree of energy efficiency, their high agitation power and their more than reasonable price.

It is important to clarify that these are tremendously versatile machines given that we design them in different sizes and propellers, a factor which, apart from the coaxial gear motor system, also enables a wide range of speeds. 

That said, if you would like to adapt to these requirements and characteristics belonging to the Pharma sector, you need to bear a few specific parameters in mind:

Maquinaria para la industria farmaceutica
  • The pharmaceutical sector uses agitators with a very low roughness, Ra <0.6, or even Ra <0.4, with an extremely hygienic design, without holes or corners that are difficult to clean.

  • It is important they have a sealing system that can work with different methods: gasket, splash ring, V-Ring or mechanical seal. This enables work to be carried out under the necessary pressure conditions, preventing the contamination of the product.

  • When purchasing an agitator or new equipment within the Pharma sector, it is important to process all of the corresponding documentation to be able to work: GMP, 3.1 material certificate according to EN 10204, 2.2 performance certificate, roughness certificate…

Machinery for the pharmaceutical sector: What applications can the IBC agitator cover?

At InoxMIM we can manufacture machinery for the pharmaceutical sector tailored to each application. Depending on the characteristics and mixtures required, we use one or more impellers of the same or different type; thanks to this, we achieve precisely the degree of mixing required for each industrial pharmaceutical production process.

Both the finishes of the machine and the design have been especially created to satisfy the needs and requirements of all applications, in terms of quality and productivity, as well as in everything related to the occupational safety of the operatives and workers.

It is also worth highlighting that this is a vertical agitator that does not require large maintenance tasks and is characterised for the simplicity of all of its components.

That said…, the IBC agitators are ideal machines for:

  • Dilutions, dissolutions and homogenisations

  • Product maintenance

  • Suspensions

  • Homogenisation of chemical products 

  • Thermal homogenisation

Materials and characteristics of the agitators

As we have mentioned above, the machines designed for the pharmaceutical industry are machines with sanitary finishes and a high level of hygiene.

They also have IEC anchor flanges; a coaxial gear motor; and they offer a high degree of interchangeability in terms of the agitation components. The parts in contact with the product are manufactured in Inox AISI 316L and those not in contact are Inox AISI 304L, carbon steel and other specific materials for this sector.

They can be complemented by adding a bolstering tower, a pneumatic motor, a control panel, speed shifter and cover.

We have also designed complete plants for the industrial production of all types of pharmaceutical products

We don’t just take care of the design and manufacturing of specific machinery for a production process within the pharmaceutical industry, we also usually carry out comprehensive projects in which we design the entire plant. 

This video is a clear example of what we are telling you. In this case, we designed a complete plant for the production of detergents, with different agitators, both vertical and horizontal, different pumping systems and also a complete CIP cleaning machine to guarantee the highest level of hygiene and disinfection of all of the equipment once the production phase has finished. 

This is another example of a complete industrial plant that we have designed over the course of our existence. In this case, the video shows a prefabricated modular plant for making cosmetic creams and other pharmaceutical products.

If you spend a few minutes browsing through our YouTube channel, you will be able to watch instructional and highly illustrative videos of everything we can do to improve the efficiency, quality and productivity of your pharmaceutical plant.  

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maquinaria industria farmacéutica

Choosing machinery to be used in the pharmaceutical industry can be very complicated when you don’t know the specifics or applications of each piece of equipment. Our extensive experience has shown us that clients are often very dubious.

As a leading manufacturer of industrial agitators, we certainly have a lot to offer you. If you have any questions or would like to discuss tailored equipment solutions with us, please contact our sales department. Fill in the form on this website, call us on (+34) 972 58 20 40 or email us at [email protected]

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