EMTE Blender: advanced mixing equipment for industrial food processing

Mezclador industrial de alimentos

EMTE industrial food mixers are state-of-the-art mixing machines. Both the rotor and the emulsifying head or the suction system have been optimised and designed to achieve optimum levels of homogenisation, in mixtures composed of a granulated product and a base liquid. One of this emulsifier’s best features is the streamline composition of its components, making it very easy to use and requiring minimal maintenance. The results have been tested and guaranteed by InoxMIM engineers and technicians.

How do these industrial food mixers work?

They are very easy to use. They rely on the suction generated by the rapid circulation of the fluid through the food, facilitating the breakdown of the granulated powder, thanks to the Venturi effect. The mixture enters through the central part of the impeller and is propelled through the slots in the diffuser, resulting in powerful grinding and dispersion. This produces a totally smooth product.

This system, developed by InoxMIM, prevents powder moistening and caking, consistently avoiding load clumping.

What are the ideal or most common applications for these industrial mixing and emulsion systems?

Mezcladores industria alimentación

This industrial mixer has various applications in different sub-sectors within the food industry:

  • Dissolving sugar in food products (must, syrup, condensed milk, ice cream …)
  • Powdered milk preparation
  • Brine preparation
  • Syrup production
  • Dissolution of bentonites, tannins, thickeners, activated carbon …
  • Incorporation of additives, colourants, aromas, agrochemicals …

For more complex solutions there are combined mixing and emulsifying systems that harness the benefits of the EMTE base equipment together with the shearing power of an EMLT multi-stage emulsifier:

If you have any doubts, questions, or want to know more about the features or optional features that this equipment has, contact the InoxMIM sales department for more direct and tailored advice. One of our main priorities is to establish a long-lasting and trustworthy relationship with each of our clients.