The maintenance of industrial agitators is essential, not only to achieve their effective operation and extend their useful life, but also to avoid production delays and reduce the expense of high-cost repairs for the company. 

For this reason, it is key to know how to maintain industrial agitators, and thus be able to prevent future inconveniences in the production processes.

industrial agitator maintenance

¿What are industrial agitators?

Industrial agitators are used in a wide variety of industries, such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and petrochemical, among others. The main function of industrial agitators is to guarantee the homogeneity of the mixtures. Thus, they allow pharmaceutical products, paints, detergents and cleaning products, resins or any other product of a chemical reaction to be obtained.

Some specific processes in which they are used are:

industrial agitator maintenance
  • Homogenize two liquids

  • Dissolve solid in liquid

  • Disperse a gas in a liquid

  • Disperse fine particles in a liquid

  • Neutralize Emulsify Precipitate Crystallize

¿Why is proper maintenance of industrial agitators important?

Definitely, the implementation of preventive actions in time is one of the best measures that can be taken to maintain all industrial equipment, since it guarantees the efficiency of its operation and the useful life of the machinery. The maintenance of industrial agitators is aimed at preventing possible failures that may occur in their operation and that may cause delays at any time in the production process. 

For this reason, the expression “it is better to be safe than sorry” is the basis of an adequate maintenance plan for industrial agitators, by minimizing all repair costs derived from carelessness in their periodic reviews.

¿How is the maintenance of industrial agitators carried out?

Proper maintenance of industrial agitators ensures their effective operation and guarantees the quality of the product. Therefore, it is a process that is directly related to consumer satisfaction. 

The basic and essential tasks for proper maintenance of industrial agitators are related to the classification of the types that exist and the way they work.

In general, industrial agitators are made up of a cylindrical container and a mechanical agitator that works by an electric motor. According to the way the agitator moves, there are two types: axial flow and radial flow. They can also be classified according to the type of agitator used, the most common being propellers, paddles, and turbines.

The maintenance process for industrial agitators basically consists of replacing wear parts, changing the lubricant, bearings, and seals.

Among the most important recommendations to carry out the maintenance of industrial agitators, the following could be considered:

  • Inspect the agitator regularly

  • Do not neglect cleanliness

  • Check the condition of the motor or geared motor

  • Check the condition of the bearings

industrial agitator maintenance

It is important to bear in mind that the maintenance of the motor or geared motor must be carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Furthermore, it is necessary to consider that, to order spare parts, you must indicate the type and serial number that are noted on the agitator’s nameplate, as well as the position and description of the part in question.

The importance of maintaining industrial agitators

As we can see, the maintenance of industrial agitators is of vital importance to prevent this production equipment from failing at the least indicated moment. For this reason, industrial maintenance plays a significant and fundamental role in the manufacturing activities of any product.

Maintenance ensures the proper functioning of the production equipment, thus making it possible to obtain a product of excellent quality that meets the expectations expected by the consumer market. For this reason, it is essential that companies develop a good maintenance program that meets all the needs generated through industrial equipment.

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industrial agitator maintenance

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