What is a food processing plant?

A food processing plant is a space that is equipped with the necessary industrial machinery and complies with all the hygiene and safety principles and regulations required by law to produce food in bulk.

It enables you to prepare quality food for your production lines from raw materials and industrial by-products.

It is very important to have a spacious area that is adapted, in sanitary terms, to all the regulations and quality standards required by the current market.

A food processing plant must have absolute control of all the material used on the food processing line, from pre-production stage until the product in question goes on the market.

Quality control in food processing plants

planta de elaboración de productos alimenticios

Quality control in food processing plants is mandatory in Spain. It is a regulatory activity carried out by the authorities in order to protect the consumer and ensure the quality of the food.

Usually, it is a process that consists of five different phases: positioning, identification, verification, measurement and defect detection.

It also analyses the sensory properties of food, such as taste, colour, aroma or texture, to ensure that they are in optimal conditions for human consumption…

Based on these parameters, a decision is reached on whether the food complies with the stipulations of the law: composition, packaging used, expiry date etc.

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