Another edition of the AGROPRODMASH 2018 trade show finishes, open to the public from 7th to 11th October in Moscow.


The 24th International Exhibition of Equipment, Technologies, Raw Materials and Ingredients for the food-processing industry known as AGROPRODMASH 2018 closed its doors last October 11th, 2018.  This edition has fulfilled all the expectations generated by it.

For the visitors attending as well as the companies participating – amongst them present was Inox MIM – they all benefitted from a very specialised international environment within the sector.

With 3 complete pavilions AGROPRODMASH 2018 promised the benefit of all the manufacturers and suppliers exhibiting there, presenting a wide range of equipment, components, technologies, raw materials, ingredients, additives, spices and services.


InoxMIM showed their products alongside the equipment of DARYA METAL GROUP.  With this strategic partner, thanks to a close collaboration based on trust, InoxMIM is achieving a greater presence in the sector and in the country.

Why attend as participants?

A very interesting factor that we had in mind when formalising the participation of our brand at this event was the experience that the visitors to the show could have.

After 24 editions AGROPRODMASH 2018 guarantees its visitors can:

  • Receive and compare proposals, conditions and prices.  10,094 (46%) of visitors became familiar with new products and services.
  • Find new suppliers and commercial associates.  18,214 (83%) of the visitors found new suppliers.
  • Select a supplier and sign a contract.  16,458 (75%) of visitors plan to buy products shown at the exhibition.
  • Obtain useful information at the supporting events.  5,486 (25%) obtained useful information during the supporting events such as seminars, forums, working lunches, etc…)

With this data it’s not surprising that InoxMIM wished to benefit from this great opportunity at a business projection and image level as well as a commercial one.


InoxMIM experience

At AGROPRODMASH 2018 the usual products and services of the InoxMIM brand were promoted.  The event was also used to make known new technologies we have developed.

The new design of the microniser MICRO, with a reinforced headstock and inner workings to be able to function at high velocities, was one of the surprises at the event.

From its beginnings in 1997 INOXMIM has been strongly linked to the development and manufacture of industrial machinery.  The systems we make for pumping, agitation, mixing and fluid handling have satisfied the needs of our clients for many years.

Constant innovation and development allow INOXMIM to deliver complete solutions in the majority of processes satisfying in this way the most demanding requirements of the industry.

We are professionals with a long trajectory and experience which endorse us.