An exhibition for equipment, technology, raw materials and ingredients for the food processing industry


The AGROPRODMASH trade fair in Moscow is back. After bringing together more than 24,500 visitors from 76 different countries in 2018, with 870 stands and being considered the largest food sector trade fair in Russia, it is expected to break all participation and attendance records this year. The event will begin on 7 November at the EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds in Moscow.

With a wide variety of topics and news to discuss:

  • Food and beverage production.
  • Agriculture: production and supply of raw materials.
  • Production and supply of equipment and components.
  • Production and supply of ingredients, additives and spices.
  • Food and beverage wholesale and retail trade.
  • HORECA and Catering.
  • R&D
  • Shipment and storage
  • Equipment assembly and maintenance.
  • Bottling, pre-packaging and packaging
  • Education, vocational training, professional retraining.

What will InoxMIM contribute to this important food sector event?

Agroprodmash 2019 Europa

As an industrial engineering company dedicated to the design and manufacture of food industry equipment, this trade fair is a must for InoxMIM. The company will be exhibiting its advanced agitation and mixing machinery, as well as all the latest products for 2019/2020. Remember that InxoMIM specialises in food solutions and industrial equipment for the production of sauces, dairy products and by-products.

Therefore, the AGROPRODMASH fair is a unique opportunity to enlarge InoxMIM’s international network of contacts, to establish profitable and long-lasting relationships with other companies, to network, attract new customers and better market its advanced equipment. If you need specific information about the position or location of InoxMIM inside the event, just contact the sales department.